Will I pay more for car insurance if I buy a second vehicle?

Answered by Home Insurance, Car Insurance Expert Jackie on February 25, 2021

My wife used to be able to take the train to work, but she recently got a new job that she'll need to drive to. Is my auto insurance rate going to go up if we buy a second car? (We already have one car, but I use it.)

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Home Insurance, Car Insurance Expert

Great question! Yes, you will pay more for car insurance if you buy a second vehicle. The increase will depend on what coverage limits you have on the car. Typically, each vehicle will have a different premium breakdown when you look at your bill. You will be able to see exactly what it costs to insure each vehicle. Check with your insurance company because many carriers will offer a discount for having more than one car on a policy. Even though you will be paying more overall, you can still get a good deal by shopping around for that discount.

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