Which states have the cheapest car insurance rates?

Answered by Home Insurance, Car Insurance Expert Jackie on December 29, 2020

Right now I live in Florida and the auto insurance here is SO expensive. Which states are the least expensive for car insurance?

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Great minds think alike! We all want to pay less for our car insurance, and the states that offer the cheapest rates are Idaho, Maine, and New Hampshire. There are other factors that determine your car insurance rates besides your zip code, but living in one of these states can’t hurt.

Typically, these states are not as densely populated. They are more on the rural side, which means there are fewer people and fewer drivers — and therefore fewer accidents. These states also allow many carriers to sell insurance within their borders, which keeps things competitive and helps rates to stay low.

They’re not sunny Florida, but maybe you will save so much money on your car insurance that you will be able to take lots of vacations! See you on the beach!

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