When a home insurance company asks if there was a recent claim, who does this question apply to?

Answered by Home Insurance, Car Insurance Expert Shannon on December 27, 2020

I'm buying my first house and shopping for home insurance online. When an insurance company asks if there was a claim in the last five years, are they asking if I made a claim or if anyone living in the house made a claim?

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Congratulations on your first home! Insurance companies will want to know about any claims you make on your home, as well as claims that were made on your home before you were the owner. You will want to answer to the best of your knowledge, but insurance companies will run something called a CLUE report on your new property as part of their underwriting process.

This report has the claim history of your home, and yes, sometimes prior claims can impact the cost of your homeowners policy even if the prior owner made them. If a home has had several claims in the past, this can tell the insurance companies that the home may have underlying issues that need to be resolved, or that the home has a high potential for loss.

If you have not purchased the house yet, it is a good idea to request a copy of the CLUE report yourself. This way, you’ll know the home’s full history before you are fully committed. For more tips about buying a home, check out this article: 6 Steps to Take Before Buying a Home.

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