If I get car insurance after an accident to report my coverage details to police, will I avoid being penalized for driving uninsured?

Answered by Home Insurance, Car Insurance Expert Savannah on February 22, 2021

I offered to pay out of pocket after an accident since I don't have insurance, but the other driver insisted on calling police. The officer said he'd mail me a form to fill out with my insurance details. If I get insurance now and fill out the form, will I avoid penalties for driving uninsured?

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Home Insurance, Car Insurance Expert

It depends on the state. Sometimes, if it’s your first offense, they may be okay with you handing in the proof of insurance later. But you may be court ordered to file extra paperwork with the DMV for a length of time, proving that you’re continuously carrying insurance. You won’t be able to claim the accident on your new insurance policy, and you may or may not get a citation; it depends on what the court decides.

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