How can a high-risk senior get good, cheap coverage?

Answered by Home Insurance, Car Insurance Expert Shannon on March 1, 2021

I think my dad's considered high-risk because he previously filed an insurance claim for a fire, he has bad credit, and he's retired with few assets. He was recently dropped by his insurer and he's looking for coverage elsewhere. How can a high-risk person like him get good, cheap coverage?

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I am sorry to hear that your dad is having trouble with this. It is great that you are helping him out. Having a claim or two with a lower credit score will not stop him from securing good insurance in the standard marketplace. “Cheap” insurance is what he may have a little trouble finding.

In this situation, it is better to work with an experienced agent instead of going it alone. There is some coverage he may not need or that he can lower to make the policy more affordable, but this is something that someone with extensive insurance knowledge needs to help him with. For example, has he considered downsizing in retirement? Does he really need to have replacement cost for his personal property or would he be okay with actual cash value for his belongings? This means that instead of getting money to replace his personal property (furniture, clothes, electronics, etc.) with new items, he would get the cost minus depreciation of these items, or the actual cash value of the items lost. In most cases better coverage is preferred, but for someone going through a transition where they may need less “stuff,” this coverage option could work.

The good news is that the longer he goes without a loss, the better his rates may become. At Jerry, we can help him re-shop the policy at every renewal to make sure he is always getting the lowest price!

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