Can I or my dad take over a car loan from a family friend?

Answered by Car Loans Expert Eric on December 27, 2020

A family friend wants me or my dad to take over a car loan for a 2016 Toyota Camry. There's $7,400 left on the loan. I'm only 17, and my dad doesn't have great credit since he was unemployed for 16 months and fell behind on some bills. Would either of us be able to take over the loan?

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You can’t, but your dad might be able to. As a 17-year-old, you’re still a minor and can’t enter into any sort of legal or contractual agreement with any other party. However, your father might have some luck. While lenders won’t love your father’s recent history of unemployment or credit hits, some may offer car loans for those aiming to rebuild their credit.

In some regard, this situation could be advantageous if you need a vehicle. The Toyota Camry retains its value more than most other cars, and it has been known to run more than 300,000 miles. And with only $7,400 left on the loan, you’re getting a great deal.

Just make sure that your father can afford the loan, and when you turn 18, you can decide whether to take the loan off his hands. Not only will you have a reliable vehicle at a steep discount, but you’ll also start to build your credit while you’re young. You won’t find many better scenarios than that.

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