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We get it, you’ve got better things to do than shop for insurance

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Sign up in 45 seconds

No long forms or phone calls. Just tell us your name and phone number, and Jerry will get to work.
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Get quotes from up to 45 insurance companies

Jerry will send you quotes that compare to your current coverage. We’ll also send you new quotes every time your policy comes up for renewal to make sure you’re always getting the coverage you want at the best price.
Step 3

Switch and save by simply clicking a button

When you’re ready to switch, Jerry will do the paperwork to set up your new policy. No more pushy salespeople or pesky emails — just more money in your pocket.

Jerry compares prices from the top insurance companies

Local agents and online shopping sites only show you prices from 5 or 6 insurance companies. Jerry compares prices from major insurance companies (over 40) to find you the right coverage at the best price.

Total privacy and peace of mind

Jerry takes your privacy, security, and peace of mind very seriously. We never share or sell your information. With Jerry, all communication happens through the mobile app, so you can rest easy knowing there will be no pushy salespeople, pesky phone calls, or annoying emails. Jerry uses bank-level security measures when storing your information in our system. All your data is fully encrypted.
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Jerry’s members say the loveliest things

I always find shopping for insurance to be a real hassle when you have to fill out all these online forms with the same info over and over and then sales people start calling you. Jerry saves me from all this headache, and I know I will be paying the best price possible.
Saved $320 with Jerry
I was surprised how easy it was to sign up for Jerry and switch my insurance. I was expecting to answer a long list of questions, instead it took literally less than a minute for the whole sign-up process. They sent me over 15 quotes showing the two best options. I was able to switch and save over $500 on my insurance! It's nice to know that they will keep checking prices for me on a regular basis.
Saved $545 with Jerry
It took me 2 minutes to sign up, I got several quotes in the app, responded - yes please. They switched me to Nationwide. DONE! Love Jerry
Saved $266 with Jerry

Jerry is your agent for life

Jerry, as your insurance broker, takes managing insurance off your list — for good. Jerry does more than just “show you the money.” At Jerry, our team of in-house insurance experts are your personal advocates.
Whether you need advice on coverages, want to make changes to your current insurance, don’t know how to file a claim, or have questions about billing, Jerry and the team are ready to serve you.
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Jerry App
Digital insurance card
Access your digital insurance card through the app. You no longer need to carry your physical insurance card with you.
Jerry App
Get reminders & quotes
Receive reminders before your renewal. Jerry will also send new quotes from up to 45 insurance companies with your renewal reminder.
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Share with family
Keep everyone on your policy up to date by sharing your insurance information.
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Manage your policy
Make changes to your policy right from the app (coming soon) and ask for expert advice.
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