YouTube Content Creators Are a Big Part of Car Advertising

Carlos Kirby
· 3 min read
A lot of consumers today research the products they want before they look for them in stores or
buy them online
. Looking at reviews and comments from other people who own the product can give you a good idea of what to expect.
found that researching products online before you buy is a growing trend in the car industry. Auto manufacturers are coming up with new ways to
promote their vehicles
Dealerships should enlist content creators for advertising.

More consumers are researching vehicles online before they buy

In the past, you could only get information about a vehicle by visiting a dealership and test-driving it. Now, the technology is available at your fingertips to see inside a vehicle and watch a test drive before you even step out your front door. Test drive videos uploaded to YouTube have an increased watch time of more than 65% in the last two years, according to
Think With Google
Creator-produced videos are showing potential consumers exactly what to expect with different trim levels and off-the-lot buys. Their candid videos are an engaging and effective way to promote vehicles. Consumers trust and connect with their favorite YouTube creators, which can increase the appeal of the promoted vehicles.
Most creator-uploaded videos are longer than 10 minutes and go in-depth on features and drawbacks while commercials only highlight the best of the vehicle. Some manufacturers have started to rely on celebrity reviews to increase their views and engagement. Other manufacturers are moving their dealerships' sales floors completely online to keep up with the increasingly digital consumer base.
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Car advertising on YouTube

The experience is different from shopping for vehicles in person, but online research can reveal a lot about a vehicle that wouldn’t be obvious in commercials.
Companies should consider partnering with creators to provide in-depth experiences, real testimonials, and long-term results of daily use. Longer videos that tell the consumer how to use the new technology and where to find things are helpful and welcomed online. The YouTube community provides this kind of content daily.
Consumers want to know more about the products before they commit to an expensive car that they might not be happy with after a month. Producing high-quality digital content that offers a sneak peek or an exclusive look at new products could increase sales for dealerships.

Reviews are in the top seven categories on YouTube

Think With Google breaks down popular car-related content into seven categories: commercial, highlights, maintenance, digital film, vlog, educational, and review. Commercials have the most views but creator-produced reviews have substantially higher engagement.
reported that uploading to social media is a trend that’s growing when it comes to the way manufacturers are creating content to reach consumers. Video creation is on the rise, and YouTube is one of the fastest-growing platforms.
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