You Should Get the Hitch for Your New Car, Here’s Why

Jane Lu
Nov 28, 2021 · 3 min read
When you’re shopping for a new car, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the different trim levels and other packages that you can choose. The package that you go with will really depend on what you need from a vehicle. Regardless of what you drive, though, you should consider getting a hitch.
According to Car and Driver, a hitch is a good idea even for those who don't plan on towing anything. You might be surprised about the benefits that a hitch can have outside of towing.
A black SUV towing a trailer on the road
It’s a good idea to get a hitch for your new car.

You might want a hitch for light towing

The Ford Bronco received rave reviews for power on and off-road. Car and Driver said that even though the Bronco is a great SUV, the tow package is only rated at 2,000 pounds, which isn't very impressive. Still, if given the option, it's better to have some towing capacity.
You might find that you need to do some light towing in the future. If you plan to move, being able to hitch a small trailer could be convenient. You might not think that you'll need to tow anything, but you never know for sure.
There’s more than one reason to have a hitch, though. Some vehicle models offer hitches that aren't even rated to tow anything, but they can still be extremely useful.

Why get a hitch if you can't tow?

The Infiniti QX55 is unusual in that it has a hitch but no wiring for a trailer. If a hitch can't be used to tow anything, then what's the point? Well, Infiniti refers to it as a "lifestyle receiver," and having a hitch like this does a lot more than just tow.
Having a hitch allows you to add cool accessories to your vehicle, like a bike rack. With the hitch receiver already in place, it’s easy to install a bike rack for your outdoor adventures. If you want to use another accessory, the hitch makes it easy to swap them out.
Sometimes you might want to attach a cargo basket to your vehicle. This could be helpful to increase your storage capacity for longer trips, and it’s easy to remove once you’re done with it.

Other hidden benefits of a hitch

There are plenty of accessories that you can use with your vehicle's hitch, but there are other benefits to packages with hitches as well. Because hitches are designed with towing in mind, hitch packages often make vehicles a bit more rugged in their design.
In the case of the Ford Bronco mentioned earlier, the tow package comes with the inclusion of a full-size spare tire. Most Bronco models do not come with full-size spares, but vehicles with tow packages do.
There may be a slight increase in cost to add a hitch package to your new vehicle, but having a hitch comes with a lot of additional perks.
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