You Can Take This Lamborghini Off-Road

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Alex Reale
Updated on Apr 27, 2022 · 3 min read
If you’ve ever seen a
Huracán, you know how sleek the
luxury car
is. This beauty exists basically on one plane, with no pesky intersections of lines in its sweeping, long shape. 
Now strip away all that paint and external protective gear and pretend the chassis has been burnt to a crisp. This is the layer that one YouTuber found the most compelling.
The Lamborghini Huracán can be taken off-road with some heavy modifications.

A YouTuber with an idea

tells the story of a humble chassis that was transformed into a desert monster, designed for grit and speed in the sand. YouTuber Chris Steinbacher, whose channel is called B is for Build, had his eye on the Mint 400, a classic off-road race outside of Las Vegas. 
He wanted to be the first to field a Lamborghini in an off-road race.  Of course, this comes with a caveat—although the modified car will technically have a Lamborghini chassis and VIN, the rest of it is built from scratch. 
To accomplish this herculean task, B is for Build came up with a plan to trick out this Huracán shell. They started in the virtual world, making a 3D model of the chassis. They threw on a long travel suspension kit and big, desert-friendly wheels. Steinbacher explains that these two features will allow the car to jump and even potentially do wheelies. 
He then goes through all the tricky things that will have to be figured out to make this dream a reality. They will have to assemble metal pieces, remove extraneous aluminum, and sort out the damage to the frame, among many other things.

An off-road Lamborghini comes alive

The weird contraption Steinbacher created looks very different from its starting point. How could this crispy husk make it through any sort of off-road adventure? And yet, on desert test day, we see that the model, which B is for Build calls the “Jumpacan,” has come to life. 
The former skeleton is now shiny and sleek, much like its original Huracán form. It even still has its scissor doors, which contrast magnificently with its now-monstrous tires. 
The Jumpacan does well in the test, leaving clouds of dust in its wake and responding well to tight donut turns. But the real challenge is in the last section: the jumps. Steinbacher goes over a series of smaller desert speed bumps and then finally launches off a big one. 
For a moment, the Jumpacan hangs in the air, and we wonder if the tinkering will hold when those tires meet the dirt. And then, they do. This Lamborghini floats like a butterfly. 
The Mint 400 has since been postponed until December, so the Jumpacan will have to wait for its official debut. But the point has been made: any chassis can become an off-road chassis if you try hard and believe in yourself.

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