Worst Cars for Teenage Drivers

Carlos Kirby
Dec 14, 2021 · 3 min read
There are so many good options for teenage drivers, but an easier way to shop is looking at the worst cars for teenage drivers. One of the milestones of American life is when teens get their hands on their first car, but this can be a scary moment, too. After all, parents may not be aware of how safe their car truly is
A white Volkswagen Golf GTI driving through a colorful forest in the rain.
Volkswagen’s hatchback models offer plenty of room for the family.

Subaru WRX: One of Worst Cars for Teenage Drivers

According to HotCars, the Subaru WRX is one of the worst cars for teen drivers. On the surface, it's a Subaru, an automaker that has a great reputation. Plus, the WRX isn't too expensive, as it starts at about $28,000.
The thing is, however, the WRX is undoubtedly a sports car. WRX owners go past the speed limit very often, and that's because the WRX is very fast. As such, it's no surprise that the WRX is a beloved car by street racers. 

Honda Civic Type R

While the regular Civic can be a great car for teens, the Type R trim is a terrible pick for them. Just like the WRX, the Type R seems like it's a car that's good for teens. It's a Civic, so it's safe, reliable, and cheap, too.
In truth, the Type R is also a sports car. As such, teens should probably avoid driving one, as it can be quite dangerous for inexperienced drivers. 

Worst Cars for Teenage DriversMazda RX8

Lastly, the Mazda RX8 has similar issues as the Type R and the WRX have. Mazda has a great reputation, and the RX8 is relatively cheap, too. However, it also is a sports car. 
Not only that, but it came with a rotary engine. These engines need plenty of routine maintenance. Not only does that add extra cost to the car, but it also could mean reliability issues down the line if teens don't maintain their car.

Best cars for new drivers

Parents should avoid those terrible cars for teens, but that still leaves a lot of options on the market. That's why it could be helpful to simply look at the best small cars for teens. After all, these cars excel in all relevant areas.
For example, there's the tried and true Toyota Corolla. It costs about $24,000, and it is very safe and reliable. It's not the fastest car in the world either, so teens may have a hard time getting themselves into sticky situations.
The Mazda 3 may also be one of the best options for teen drivers. It's very safe, reliable, and efficient, but it's also quite cheap. It starts at about $20,000, so families won't have to break the bank to get one.

Getting insurance for teen drivers

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