What Kind of Insurance Could Have Best Protected These 5 Famous Cars?

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Famous cars like the Batmobile sure get into a lot of unique driving situations—racing through the streets and causing havoc along the way.
Luckily, these fictional cars like the Batmobile don’t seem to have to deal with car insurance—which is good for them because with the amount of claims they probably would put in, we imagine their premiums might be pretty high.
We thought it would be fun to take a look at five famous cars and speculate what type of car insurance they might have needed.
The Batmobile in front of a city skyline
Batman would probably pay a high car insurance premium on the Batmobile.

Famous car #1: Batmobile

The Batmobile is always jumping over rooftops, and tearing through buildings and toppled bridges. What kind of coverage would have ensured Bruce Wayne got the payout he deserved?
We aren’t sure what type of insurance covered is required in Gotham, where the famous car spends most of its time. If Batman does have coverage, we think the Batmobile must at least have some sort of liability coverage), because it provides coverage for the other party if you cause an accident.
There are two parts to liability coverage—bodily injury liability and property damage liability—and the Batmobile would probably need both.
That’s because bodily injury liability insurance pays for the injuries of the other party in an accident that you cause, and property damage liability covers property damage that your vehicle causes during an accident. During all those high-speed chases, the Batmobile is probably responsible for a lot of damage!
Luckily, Bruce Wayne is a billionaire, so he probably doesn’t have to worry about affording insurance premiums. Between Batman’s high-risk driving record and the fact that he drives an expensive vehicle in a crime-ridden city, the Batmobile would probably cost a lot to insure.

Famous car #2: The DeLorean

This one brings up many questions. Like, just how do you insure a time machine? What year do you insure the car in? After all, car insurance laws do change over the years.
Even if a car insurance company doesn’t realize they are insuring a time machine, the car still has some unique factors to consider—like it often leaves behind flaming tire marks when it’s trying to get up to 88 mph, and frequently has issues with its specialized equipment like the flux capacitor.
So, we think the DeLorean would probably at least need property damage liability insurance to cover the damage it causes—like those burnt tire marks. At one point the DeLorean also crashes into a barn—so we really hope Doc and Marty McFly had property damage liability insurance to cover that!

Famous car #3: The Ghostbusters’ Ecto-1

While rushing off on a call to capture some ghosts, the Ghostbusters definitely need some car insurance for the Ecto-1 in case an accident happens along the way.
Since the Ghostbusters Ecto-1 is a company vehicle, it would probably be covered under a commercial car insurance plan, which provides insurance coverage for any vehicle owned by a business. That way if the ghostbusters do get into an accident and someone sues them as a result, the company will pay any settlement and not an individual business owner.
Plus, since the Ghostbusters are located in New York City, they would be required to have certain levels of body injury liability per person, bodily injury liability per accident and property damage coverage, as per state mandates.

Famous car #4: The Flinstones’ Flintmobile

It’s hard to say if the Flintstones would need car insurance in the Stone Age. But since they seem to have some "modern" comforts (with the help of animals) like dishwashing and lawn mowing, maybe they also had car insurance companies.
If the Flintstones did have car insurance, they probably wouldn’t need much since their car doesn’t have an engine or a transmission, meaning it would probably last a long time with no issues!
Since it was the Stone Age, we can guess that the Flintstones would at least have some time of comprehensive car insurance, which covers you when your vehicle is damaged due to anything but a car accident—like a natural disaster.

Famous car #5: The Karts in Mario Kart

Well, this is an interesting one.
Typically, car insurance companies will not cover go-karts because they are commonly not road legal and not registered, according to GoKartGuide. So what did Mario and his friends do, especially with all that damage caused by bananas and shells on the track?
It is possible that whatever entity ran the races had its own insurance to cover the racers.
According to Northeast Insurance Center LLC, all businesses should have general liability insurance to protect the business from certain liabilities, like injuries and property damage.
Then again, who really knows how insurance works in a world where a plumber and a green dragon-type creature race each other on a rainbow road in the sky.

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