What Will a Ferrari Look Like in 2077? One Artist Makes a Guess

Alex Reale
· 3 min read
If you’re into
video games
, you might remember the scandal that Cyberpunk 2077 caused in late 2020. The game was hotly anticipated. 
Announced in 2012 by Polish company CD Projekt Red, it promised an immersive, story-driven experience, where players could explore a futuristic dystopia. The
cars were cool
, the characters had depth, and the graphics were shockingly realistic. It even had Keanu Reeves—but it was far from perfect.
Leyang Bai imagines what a 2077 Ferrari will look like.

‘Cyberpunk 2077’ had a questionable launch

When Cyberpunk 2077 officially dropped in December 2020, gamers entered a world rife with bugs. The
New York Times
chronicled a few of them after the release, noting “tiny trees covering the floors of buildings, tanks falling from the sky and characters standing up, inexplicably pantless, while riding motorcycles.” 
The internet had a wide range of reactions from amusement to outrage, with gamers either making hilarious memes or demanding refunds.
After this disastrous launch, the makers of Cyberpunk 2077 had to regroup. Their customers were not satisfied with these weird and distracting issues. Months of bug-fixing later, the dust has settled, and the game’s reputation appears to be intact. Players can now delight in the darkness of Night City, sans bizarre pants-free motorcycle rides.
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An artist is inspired: The 2077 Ferrari concept

One digital modeler was inspired by the aesthetic of the game. GM rendering artist Leyang Bai created a stunning concept for a Night City-dwelling Ferrari in 2077, as reported by
The artist said the car is based on the 1969 Ferrari 312 P. Like its inspiration, the angle from bumper to fender is so steep you could place a ball on a fin and watch it roll off the hood. Everything about it looks fast, from the sharp-edged rims to the shaved-down fins. It’s a sleek silver color with yellow accents—a creature primed to prowl.
The artist based the concept on a car from 1969 as a nod to the existing aesthetic of the game. He told Motor1 that the automotive designs in Cyberpunk 2077 “aren't traditionally futuristic, but rather a mix of classic design languages, futuristic cues, and technology,” which is why updating a classic car made more sense to him than working off a current design. 
The result is a mesmerizing blend of past and future. You can totally see Keanu Reeves blazing off into the sunset in it.

Insuring a Ferrari from the present

It remains to be seen if CD Projekt Red will add this creation to its Cyberpunk 2077 fleet in the next update. For now, Leyang Bai’s Ferrari only exists in its own world.
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