What Cars Do the Queen and Other Royal Family Members Drive?

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Lisa Steuer McArdle
Updated on Apr 27, 2022 · 3 min read
Whether you are British or American, many have a sort of fascination with the
royal family
. From what they wear on the red carpet to their many charities, it is easy to be pulled in. 
What many people want to know most, however, is what they drive in their spare time.
Here are a few of the most
memorable vehicles
driven by the British royal family, according to
Motoring Research
Buckingham Palace

Prince William: A royal family man

In fairy tales, princes come riding in on a beautiful white horse. In modern times, they ride
. Or that's what Prince William chooses to drive, anyway.
His love for motorcycles began when he was a young man. It's been reported that his first bike was a Kawasaki, which he drove on his father's Highgrove Estate. Since then, his love for bikes has only grown, and he's been spotted on more than one over the years.
The prince was recently seen on a new Tiger 1200 while touring the Triumph factory. While Prince William's love for two wheels is well known, he has chosen to stick to four wheels, like his 2013
Range Rover
Vogue SE these days. This has a lot to do with the fact that he's now a father of three children, and driving a motorcycle isn't practical anymore. Even so, he still loves motorcycles, and rides when he has a chance.

Prince Harry: More Range Rovers for the royal family

Prince William isn't the only British royal family member who is a fan of Range Rovers. Prince Harry also drives one, and was seen arriving just before the opening ceremony of the 2014 Invictus Game in Warwickshire in a Range Rover. He was there to watch 11 countries compete in the Jaguar Land Rover Driving Day.
Never one for sticking to the side lines, Prince Harry has also been spotted in a Range Rover Discovery. This one was covered in mud after an off-road event he participated in. Given the level of mud covering the Discovery, it was clear that Prince Harry went all in. He was later spotted driving a Discovery with his wife, the Duchess of Sussex.

Queen Elizabeth and classic cars

While the Queen is most well known for being driven in Bentley State Limousines, one of her most famous cars was a Renault Dauphine. This beautiful classic car was presented to Queen Elizabeth in 1957 by Renault himself, and she spent plenty of time behind the wheel. 
It was originally built in Acton, England. This is also the car that Prince Charles learned to drive in later on, which sort of makes it his car as well. 

Prince Edward: Fan of the Ferrari 

With so many duties, it's probably nice to get behind the wheel, and go for a spin. Prince Edward does so in his Ferrari. He was recently spotted checking out a
at a charity event with former Fiat and Ferrari boss Sergio Marchionne. 
Like other members of the family, Prince Edward seems to have a soft spot for Range Rovers. His 10-year-old son was photographed behind the wheel of a Range Rover Discovery.
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