What Your Car Color Says About You

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Lisa Steuer McArdle
Updated on Apr 27, 2022 · 4 min read
Are you drawn to a certain car color when purchasing a
new vehicle
? Turns out, whatever color a
car owner
chooses may reveal something about their personality. Here’s what your car color says about you, according to different sources. 
If you drive a vibrant red car, it suggests you might be more bold than others.

What your car color says about you: black, white, and gray

Black is considered a powerful color and is described as “classic, elegant,” according to
. The report goes on to claim black is chosen by someone who is not easily manipulated, and who loves elegance and something classic.
On the other end of the spectrum, white says “pure, pristine, direct.” Reportedly, white car owners are difficult to please, and generally prefer things to be clear and direct. Supposedly a person with a white car is more likely to keep the car very clean—there’s nothing you can hide under white.
According to
, the popularity of white has increased in cars since the ‘90s, and it gives vehicles a sleek and modern look.
Then there’s gray, which is a car color we are seeing on the roads a lot recently. MotorBiscuit says that people with gray cars are a combination of white and black: dignified, relaxed, and mature. 

What your car color says about you: red and orange

Some reds are more vibrant, but all who choose red supposedly share the same traits—but the more vibrant, the bolder you are. Those that drive a car with a deeper red, like maroon, are more subtle. Overall, red is a color that says, “sensual, dynamic, outgoing.”
Orange is a unique car color, and car owners with orange cars are said to be creative, original, and artistic. 

What your car color says about you: yellow and gold

Someone who chooses yellow as a car color is supposedly young at heart. It’s a joyful color that says its car owner may have a sense of humor and knows that they are going to be noticed.
Interestingly, with gold being the most precious of all materials, “Today” says there’s a level of intelligence associated with the color. Car owners with gold may be glamorous attention getters. 

What your car color says about you: lLight, mid, and dark blue

Light and mid blue say “calm” and “faithful,” while dark blue says “confident,” ‘authoritative,” and “credible.” In addition, it’s said that blue car owners are relaxed and put-together.
No matter what shade of blue, though, “Today” claims you can most likely trust the owner of a blue car.

What your car color says about you: pearl and silver

Even though pearl is similar to white, apparently choosing pearl as opposed to white says something different about your personality.
Pearl is the color of “glamor” and “sophistication,” while silver has a “futuristic connotation.” And silver is different from gray because it has a more metallic appearance that means drivers who choose silver may do so because they want to look more “prestigious.” 

What your car color says about you: brown and beige 

Interestingly, brown and beige are said to say “fiscally responsible.” More specifically, brown represents the attributes of power and being unique, while beige says naturally and down to earth.
But according to “Today,” it’s more complicated than that. The newer browns may say a driver is down to earth, or it could be saying a driver craves the power of elegance that a black-colored car driver craves, but prefers to come across as more unique. 

What your car color says about you: Light and dark green

Light green reportedly says “organic,” “no-fuss,” and “understated,” while dark green says “well-balanced,” “
,” and “traditional.”
It’s said that someone with a green car leads a “well-balanced life” and the deeper the green color of the car, the more trustworthy the car owner is. 
It is also true that car colors trend over the years. Last year, research by the BASF revealed that car color trends are going toward grayish green, warm beige, and coarse gray colors, according to
A macro analysis determined that certain colors will be popular in specific regions. For instance, dark seltzer, a medium-dark gray shade, was noted as a key color for North America.
Dream Fighter—which is a subdued orange with hints of pink and copper—and Unknown Metal—a grayish purple hue—and Social Camouflage were named as prominent colors for Asia Pacific. In the EMEA region (Europe, Middle East, Africa), the colors Hiatus Gray, Pundits Solution, and Intron Green were chosen.
The bottom line is, this information is just all in good fun. Get whatever color you like, and don’t take this information too seriously!

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