Want to Blast Engine Noises From Your EV? A Startup Is Making That Possible

Hannah DeWitt
· 3 min read
Electric vehicles
(EVs) will soon be a big part of transportation. Even now, their popularity is rising, and more people are looking to them as a way to slow the effects of
climate change
. However, some are resistant to the shift.
Many people don’t like how silent EVs are and claim that driving a car without revving sounds and engine noises takes away from their driving experience. Well, according to
The Drive
, a new company called Enginevox might have the solution. They’ve found a way to give EVs the ability to sound like high-powered combustion cars.
You’ll be able to blast V-8 engine sounds from your electric vehicle soon.

What is Enginevox?

Enginevox is a new startup working to put some soul into EVs by giving them exhaust noises. They achieve this using a speaker system around the outside of the vehicle. This way, every time you hit the gas, the engine sounds will respond, though they don’t come from the motor itself.
The sounds are 100% manufactured, but the noise levels and changes are tailored to the car’s actual rpm and acceleration. They imitate what it would sound like with a high-powered combustion engine.
The system is a bit pricey, starting at $1,700 and going up to $5,000. If you’re pretty attached to your revving engine, though, it could be something to think about when considering a switch to EVs.
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How does the system work?

The speakers will be placed in a discreet spot on the exterior of the car, most likely in the rear bumper. Then, the system will gather information from the OBD II port inside the car and feed it to the speakers, allowing them to project realistic revving sounds that respond to your car's actions. 
This setup also allows the system to be effective on gas cars as well as electric if you want to give your everyday car some oomph.
You even get to choose what kind of engine sounds you blast out of those speakers. When you go to buy from Enginevox, they offer you an array of eight-cylinder engines. You can pick from options like a 4.0- or 4.7-liter Italian engine, 4.0- or 5.5-liter V-8 German engine, or a 4.7-, 5.7-, or 6.2-liter American muscle engine.

Do people like Enginevox's idea?

So far, Enginevox’s reception has been shaky. According to The Drive, Reddit users weren’t very excited about the product, mostly due to their dislike for the idea of fake car noises.
However, Enginevox is still hopeful that this will appeal to combustion-lovers who would miss feeling the rumble of their engines. If this is what’s missing from your EV, Enginevox could be a good way to get that feeling back as you make the switch to an electric car.
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