Volkswagen Produces More Sausages Than Cars

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Andrew Koole
Updated on Apr 27, 2022 · 3 min read
is one of the largest automakers in the world. Besides their namesake brand, they also own Audi, Bentley, Bugatti, Lamborghini,
, and five other nameplates you’ve probably never heard of.
But transportation isn’t the German auto giant’s only game. Since 1973, the VW brand has also made currywurst sausages for their factory staff. The popularity of the product pushed them to start offering the pork links to customers and facility visitors.
These days, the company produces more sausages than cars. They might not travel as far or as quickly as a Golf or an
, but they definitely taste better. And like their automotive counterparts, they regularly win awards.
Apparently, Volkswagen makes a lot more than just cars.

How did Volkswagen start making sausages?

Currywurst wasn’t the first food product made by Volkswagen. The car manufacturer has been feeding the workers at its Wolfsburg plant since it opened in 1938. But the year before VW released its first Golf, the factory’s kitchen came up with the now legendary lunch option.
In 2019,
visited the Wolfsburg plant to get a taste of the revered sausage and meet its current producer, head butcher Franco Lo Presti. The Italian started making the VW sausage in 1978, taking the top job 14 years ago. He and his team of 30 make 20,000 cylinders a day.
The traditional currywurst is still produced, but a vegan option was introduced in 2010. At the behest of the company’s CEO, Herbert Deiss, the veggie sausage is now the only option at the Wolfsburg plant, but the
says not all the company’s staff and fans are bemused by the change.

Other automakers in the food industry

Volkswagen might make more sausages than they do cars, but they still rely on vehicles as their main source of revenue. The food they produce is primarily made for their workforce, not to sell outside their plants.
Surprisingly, they aren’t the only car manufacturers with food-related products. French automaker Peugeot actually started producing coffee and pepper grinders before they got into the car business.
Mitsubishi may be known in the U.S. primarily as a
car brand, but the corporation makes all kinds of things, including food products. They even own the Japanese branch of Kentucky Fried Chicken!

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