Vermont Residents Spend Less on Commuting to Work Than Any Other State

Alex Healey
Jan 19, 2022 · 2 min read
Maple syrup, spectacular fall colors, Ben & Jerry’s ice cream...Vermont has a lot going for it, and a recent study from Jerry has given them something else to brag about. Researchers have analyzed insurance rates, vehicle maintenance costs, and the amount spent on gas, to determine how much it costs Americans to drive to work.
And out of all 50 states, Vermont drivers pay the least amount! Read on to learn more, and find out how Jerry can save you hundreds of dollars on car insurance.
Cars driving down a main road in Vermont.
Vermont residents can rest easy knowing that they spend less on commuting than other states.

Here’s what the data says about commuting in Vermont

The average commute takes 22.9 minutes to cover 15.2 miles (one way). While this might not sound like a lot, it still equates to 199.23 hours per year—that’s over eight whole days driving to and from work!
75.81% of Vermont residents who commute to work by car, do so by traveling alone. However, thanks to Vermont's low insurance rates and competitive gas prices, the cost of driving to work is way more affordable than in neighboring states.
Vermont drivers pay $3,195.80 per year getting to and from work by car. While this is not an insignificant amount, it compares favorably with both the national average ($4,358.22), and is 55.62% less than they pay in New York ($7,200.98).

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While drivers in Vermont pay less on commuting by car than those in any other state, $3,000 per year is still a lot of money. And it doesn’t take into account the opportunity cost of time spent on the road.
If the average Vermont driver was able to give up their car altogether, and get paid for the hours they currently spend commuting, they would have an additional $5,536.75 each year.
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