U.S. News Only Mentioned 1 Drawback About Allstate Car Insurance

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Marcie Pate
Updated on Jun 27, 2022 · 4 min read
You probably don’t look forward to paying your
car insurance
bill when it comes around, since it can take a huge chunk out of your income. At the same time, most people understand the importance of having car insurance. You just never know when an accident can happen.
One major insurance company has a few good things going for them, but a big drawback is enough to make many people steer clear. Learn more about the pros and cons of
, and how you can save money on car insurance.
Almost every car insurance company will come with its own list of pros and cons | Twenty20

What do people like about Allstate car insurance?

Allstate isn’t exactly a consumer favorite based on a recent review from
U.S. News & World Report
. However, one of the best parts about Allstate is how easy it is for customers to file a claim.
58% of customers who have filed a claim rated Allstate five out of five for satisfaction. Allstate's mobile app that lets you take pictures at the scene of an accident and file claims instantly might help customers process claims more easily.
If you’re a customer with Allstate, the cost difference between
high coverage insurance
and low coverage is only $17 more per month. High coverage will provide a lot more protection in accidents. Low coverage will still offer some protection, but the small extra cost is worthwhile to make sure you’re covered no matter what happens.

A major issue with Allstate car insurance

One of the main aspects of a car insurance company people look at is the bottom-line pricing. Unfortunately, Allstate is generally not the most budget-friendly option across the board. Per U.S. News's review, Allstate car insurance overall costs about 35% more than the national average.
The national average cost of Allstate car insurance is about $1,787, whereas a customer with
can expect to pay about $1,099. GEICO has the lowest average rate, but even compared to the general average of $1,320, Allstate insurance is a lot more expensive. A lower price doesn't necessarily mean that GEICO is better than Allstate, but it's hard to look past the cost savings.
Some insurance companies have a higher rate than the national average, but they offer discounts for customer loyalty or bundling. Allstate does offer some discounts, including ones for
students with good grades
, or if you’re the first person to own the car you bought.
There are several more opportunities for discounts that vary depending on the state you live in and the company you’re with. Be sure to ask your local insurance broker if you’re eligible for extra Allstate discounts.
Of course, this is just one take on Allstate's rates, and it's not a comprehensive look at how much car insurance might cost you from Allstate. Rates will always vary from person to person, and an insurance agent will be able to take your unique situation into account when pricing your policy.

How can you find affordable car insurance?

Shopping for car insurance, like paying the bills for it, is typically not a fun endeavor. You probably aren’t ecstatic about taking hours of your time trying to compare rates and find the best policies.
Thanks to recent innovations in technology, you can now let artificial intelligence do the hard work.
will scour the internet and find the best car insurance rates for you. You no longer have to call several insurance agents from different car insurance companies to get your quotes. Now, comparing quotes will be as simple as a few taps of your smartphone.
The free app makes it easy to get quotes from major car insurance companies in seconds. Let Jerry do the comparison shopping for you, so you’re getting the coverage you need for the best prices.

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