Turn Your Car Into a Mobile Office With These 5 Accessories

Isabel Armiento
· 4 min read
Since the beginning of the
pandemic, workers have had to get creative with their workspaces, turning their bedrooms or basements into home offices. Why not apply this same attitude toward your car?
Creating a
mobile office inside your car
can prove useful in many situations, such as when you have extra time between client meetings and want to get some work done, when you arrive early for an event and want to go over your notes, or even just when you need a break from a distracting home environment.
While an in-car office might not be effective for a full day’s work, it can certainly provide much-needed respite from your home office or help you finish up work while on-the-go. With just a few key
car accessories
, you can easily transform your car into a mobile office.
man in a business suit talking on a cell phone in a car
You can easily turn your car into a mobile office.

Car Accessory #1: Laptop desk

recommends a laptop desk as the most essential feature of your mobile office. Without it, your laptop is bound to keep sliding off of your lap, making it hard to read or type. For a high-quality laptop desk designed to help on-the-go workers be optimally productive, try CarDesk, a comfortable and sleek laptop desk designed specifically for in-car use.
The company outlines the practicality of the product for the modern worker. "Now more than ever, the need for an effective space and tools is a necessity. Having an office on the road is essential," reads
CarDesk’s website
. The site adds that CarDesk "provides every road warrior what he or she needs to be more productive and successful."
Get Connected
recommends the
AutoExec Roadmaster
, which fits easily in a passenger seat and is designed to extend into a larger surface. Both the CarDesk and the AutoExec Roadmaster include extra storage space for files and notes.

Car Accessory #2: Mobile printer

This car accessory is for the most devoted of on-the-go workers. Most people don’t need to print documents while on the
, but every now and then, you forget to print something before leaving the house, or need to print out some documents in between meetings.

Car Accessory #3: Wi-Fi and hotspots

These days, being online is essential for almost all work. If you don’t have the option of working on offline projects, consider turning your iPhone into a personal hotspot, allowing your laptop to connect to your phone’s data.
Additionally, LifeSavvy advises that you try connecting to a nearby establishment’s Wi-Fi hotspot by
near a local internet café. The site reminds users to patronize the establishment whose Wi-Fi they’re using, however, as "piggybacking" can be considered a crime.

Car Accessory #4: Wireless charger

Does it always feel like your phone runs out of battery right when you most need it? Get Connected recommends the
CHOETech Wireless Car Charger
, a device that acts as both car phone mount and wireless phone charger.
This piece of tech will allow you to charge your phone while driving or working in your mobile office, so that when you get where you need to go, you’re able to unplug your phone and use it without worrying about low battery.

Car Accessory #5: Wireless Keyboard

If you find yourself working in your mobile office often, LifeSavvy recommends placing your laptop on top of the dash and connecting it to a wireless keyboard and mouse. This way, you won’t need to hunch over while working, and can avoid back pain and discomfort.
This is especially useful if you have a flat dash—but might not work so well with a curved dash.

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