TUMI X McLaren: The Travel Bag Collab You Didn’t Know You Needed

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Genevieve Fraser
Updated on Apr 27, 2022 · 4 min read
Among all
car brands
, McLaren stands out for its beautifully designed luxury supercars and illustrious racing heritage. But, like Porsche, which offers
branded watches
, the British marque has created its own line of high-end accessories for fans to enjoy. In collaboration with luxury travel bag designer, TUMI, McLaren offers a high-end luggage line.
If you’ve dreamed of owning a McLaren but, like most of us, can’t afford the hefty price tag, you could tote one of the brand’s new fashionable bags for a little less. Here is what you need to know about the designer venture.
McLaren has endeavored beyond luxury cars into high-end luggage with their TUMI collaboration.

The collaboration between TUMI and McLaren

The partnership, first announced in 2019, is a match made in luxury heaven, and one that has been skillfully developed.
McLaren’s Design Director, Rob Melville, was quoted in
sharing that "At McLaren, we focus on articulating a clear design language and materials selection which combines and leads into our car's performance.”
He continued, "We wanted to capture those aspects with TUMI so we've spent a great deal of time working to analyse and refine every aspect of this collection."
Melville also spoke of a "shared ethos" that "makes this collaboration such a natural fit," according to the
McLaren Newsroom
The feeling was mutual. GQ quoted TUMI’s Creative Director, Victor Sanz, who said "For me, this is the ultimate collaboration as TUMI and McLaren have an innate synergy."
He stated that the two are “like-minded brands who share the same values – unparalleled quality,
technical innovation
and design excellence."

The TUMI X McLaren collection is racing-inspired

According to the McLaren Newsroom, TUMI and McLaren announced in October nine new additions to their original collection that debuted earlier in the year.
Altogether, the McLaren collection now features a variety of luggage pieces, ranging from backpacks to a duffel bag to a rolling suitcase. According to
TUMI’s website
, a passport cover, luggage tag, and two styles of wallets, are also available, among other travel and organizational items.
As you might expect, the collection features some sleek, signature accents from McLaren. For one, the pieces are black with a subtle Papaya Orange accent, a nod to their signature shade styling which first debuted in 1967, according to
Los Angeles magazine
According to GQ, the four-wheel, carry-on suitcase includes a material known as Tegris, which is a thermoplastic composite found on
race cars
Also featured is an innovative soft-touch carbon fiber material that is, according to TUMI’s website, “dense, intricately woven and engineered to bring high strength, low stretch and lightweight performance to your travel bag.” 
The racing inclusions don’t stop there. The case’s inside compression strap draws a striking similarity to the six-point harness found in McLaren's racers.
Not only does the collection look high-end, but it also has the modern tech and
high-quality design
to back it. Some pieces feature a USB port for portable charging—a great addition for the plugged-in traveler.

Where can you buy the collection and how much is it?

If you live in a major city, chances are there is a TUMI retail store close to your location. Their website has a helpful store locator tool. If there isn’t a location nearby, you can easily make a purchase online.
How much does this luggage cost, you ask? It's certainly not cheap, but this doesn’t come as a surprise, given the companies' reputations.
The Aero International Expandable 4 Wheel Carry-On starts at $1,550 and comes with a limited warranty.
If that's a bit too pricey for your taste, there are three backpack options to choose from (including a single-strap sling bag), with prices ranging from $495-$950. These prices also include a limited warranty.
If you’d prefer a smaller item, the passport cover and luggage tag retail for $150 and $85 each. You can even monogram your purchases for a personal touch.
If you're looking for an easy way to save up for something from the TUMI X McLaren collection, reviewing your car insurance spending is a great way to start. 
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