Top Car Essentials for Girls

Lisa Steuer McArdle
· 3 min read
Every woman knows the things they cannot leave the house without, but what about the car?
found the list of
essential items
most women need in their car every day for their own
See if you agree, or if you need to order them for yourself!
There are emergency car essentials you should consider keeping in your car.

Car essentials kits for women—why?

Essential gear is not limited to macho wrench-bearing men. Women need to be comfortable with the tools and equipment in their cars as well.
A Girls Guide To Cars
listed the emergency tool kit items that keep you on the road without having to call the roadside service or rely on dubious strangers to help.
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Think about your wheels, and prepare!

Tires are usually what men joke about when women are stranded on the side of the road. Show them you know what you're doing by stocking your trunk with the proper gear to keep you going and learn how to use it (even with your fancy nails).
  • Spare tire: While this may seem like it's a no-brainer, some new cars do not come with a spare or doughnut. This can leave you stranded if the tire that is flat is shredded beyond use, which happens frequently. Ensure that there is a spare to replace the failed tire before heading anywhere alone.
  • Jack and four-way lug wrench: No, we don't mean a man named Jack and his four friends. You need the jack that can lift your car off the tires, the easiest is a hydraulic jack, though it will take up space in the trunk. You will also need a lug wrench for the nuts on the tires. A four-way lug wrench allows for extra leverage for easier removal of the nuts. Add in an inflator and emergency sealer for the slow leaking tire to keep you going until you get a patch.

For the deadbeat… battery!

Most of the time it's an accident, but there are times when the door doesn't shut, or the headlights don't turn off. Then you are stuck with a dead battery either at home, work, or out shopping. 
It's dreadful to have to rely on a stranger or a friend for a boost, so invest in a set of jumper cables at least. If you feel fancy, they have equipment that can jump your vehicle without others' assistance.

Compile car essentials "extras" 

Finish off your kit with a few extras that are good to have, but not completely necessary. You will want to keep a few things in your glove compartment (besides your insurance card and registration). Use the small folder that came with your vehicle to keep your owner's manual, maps, and receipts of oil changes and
In a small bag in the trunk aim to keep emergency supplies like a blanket, shelf-stable foods (crackers, tuna, and water), jacket, towel, first aid kit, solar small battery charger (or wind up), and a small fire extinguisher. It will help should you be stuck in a situation for longer than expected.
If you know a bit more about
car repair
, keep the oil your car takes (at least one quart), duct tape, small screwdriver set, small socket set, WD-40, work gloves, and fuses. You never know when replacing a single fuse can fix the issue and get you going.
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