With Today's Technology, Windshield Repair is More Complicated than Ever

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Lisa Steuer McArdle
Updated on Jun 27, 2022 · 3 min read
It wasn’t until recently that repairing a windshield was as simple as fixing any other broken window pane. But these days,
driver-assist technologies
mean that windshields are more than just a piece of glass, making
car repair
a little more complicated.
For this reason, drivers should know what goes into fixing a windshield on current vehicles, according to
Here’s more information about fixing a windshield on newer cars.

Technology in windshields that complicate car repair

Today’s driver-assist technologies mean that windshields are more than just a piece of glass, making car repair a little more complicated.
For many vehicles, it’s becoming common to incorporate
or other sensors into the windshields. With a number of systems and calibration processes now involved in the windshield, repairing one becomes more difficult.
For instance, new cars today sometimes have a special display area for a head-up projector, as well as technology related to automatic wipers or self-dimming high beams.
Other advanced driver-assistance systems that are often incorporated into the windshields of modern vehicles include autonomous emergency braking, lane-departure warning, collision avoidance and adaptive cruise control.
However, the same technologies that make windshields harder to repair may be helping to prevent accidents in the first place.
As Roadshow points out, a
Reuters analysis
on advanced driver-assistance systems shows they do seem to play a part in reducing accidents.

Repairing a windshield

Repair shops also face challenges with the new windshields, as they are inclined to turn to aftermarket parts in an effort to keep costs down. But companies like Ford, Honda and FCA say it’s not a good idea to use aftermarket windshields in repairs.
In fact, some carmakers even advise against reusing a windshield once it has been removed, and this idea is spreading to other parts of the car as well.
For instance, Ford recently stated that bumper covers on its cars that have advanced driver-assistance systems should be replaced if they need more than a paint job.

Getting insurance involved in your car repair

car insurance
usually does not cover a cracked windshield unless the windshield was damaged during a collision. Some insurance plans do offer glass coverage.
If you have
comprehensive car insurance
, then a damaged windshield will probably be covered, because this type of insurance involves damage as a result of non-collision incidents like acts of weather or vandalism.
If you do need your windshield repaired, you should contact your car insurance company to see if any or all of the repair will be covered.
If the damage was caused by another driver and you have exchanged insurance information, you will want to speak to that insurance company before making any repairs.

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