The Genesis GV70 Was Named SUV of the Year by MotorTrend

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The Genesis GV70 is coming in hot this year as MotorTrend’s choice of best Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV) of 2022. 
MotorTrend describes this car as a “moment of discovery” and further states that, “It's the precise moment you realize you've found something you didn't know you wanted but now can't live without. In the automotive world, the Genesis GV70 is just such a discovery. And that's why it is the 2022 MotorTrend SUV of the Year.
Here, we’re breaking down what that moment of discovery truly means. We have the lowdown on the Genesis GV70, how MotorTrend makes their choice, and why this luxury car beat out the competition this year. 

How does Motor Trend choose SUV of the year?

According to MotorTrend, their process to choose SUV of the year is split into three phases. In order to make it into the testing grounds, the vehicle had to have been new or updated significantly from this year. 
During phase one, the MotorTrend photo and test teams go to work. These team members spend a few days collecting data on each of the vehicles and taking photos of them in all their glory before anyone even puts a key in the ignition. 
After this, phase two commences. During this phase, the judges arrive at the testing grounds and drive each contender through multiple different test venues in order to get a feel for the car. At the conclusion of phase two, a handful of finalists are selected to advance to phase three.
Phase three is where the winner is selected. It takes place in Tehachapi, California, where there is a 27-mile loop test course. During phase three, each judge drives all of the finalist vehicles back-to-back on the same one test course. The 27-mile road combines various driving conditions and has judges driving through everything from hills to canyons to highways to city streets. 
After the test drives, the judges begin deliberations and rank the cars based on six key factors: advancement in design, engineering excellence, efficiency, safety, value, and performance of intended function. The car that the judges feel does the best job overall in each category wins the title of Best SUV of the Year. 

Why is the Genesis GV70 the SUV of the year?

The Genesis GV70 was MotorTrend’s SUV of the year because it performed well in the six categories we mentioned above. Here’s what the judges had to say about the car in each category:
  • Advancement in design: The judges felt that Genesis took design risks with the GV70 and they paid off to form a clean, sleek, and elegant look. Some design highlights of the car include an angled rear brake light, and a downward sloping line on the hood.
  • Engineering excellence: Judges loved the 21-inch wheels that made driving a breeze, the eight speed automatic transmission, and the various fast and powerful engine choices.
  • Efficiency: In a nutshell, the judges felt the Genesis GV70 is efficient simply because it has no major weaknesses. The engine gets you where you need to go, the price point doesn’t break the bank, and the technology features are impressive and effective.
  • Safety: The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety gave the Genesis GV70 a Top Safety Pick+ award, the highest safety honor possible. With tons of top-notch safety features on the car, the Genesis GV70 definitely earned this award.
  • Value: This SUV starts at $42,045 for the base trim and judges felt with features like adaptive cruise control, lane centering, blind spot monitoring, and a 14-5 inch navigation screen, drivers were definitely getting their money’s worth.
  • Performance of intended function: In this category, the Genesis GV70 earned points for its roomy back seats that can recline, a large cargo area, and the ability to easily stack things on the roof.

More on the Genesis GV70

Beyond what you’ve already learned about the Genesis GV70 from the MotorTrend’s test, here are some other notable features of SUV of the year:
  • Fuel consumption of 22/28.
  • Engine options of 300 hp or 375 horsepower twin-turbo V6.
  • Forward collision avoidance assists with lane change oncoming and junction turning as a safety feature.
  • Fingerprint reader to start.
  • Cargo tray in the trunk to protect the car from spills or leaks.
  • Mudguard for the wheels.
  • All seasoned fitted liners beneath the seats.

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