Texas Woman's Car is Totaled During Oil Change

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Lisa Steuer McArdle
Updated on Jun 27, 2022 · 3 min read
You usually don’t expect to have to put in a
car insurance
claim after an oil change, but that’s exactly what happened to a woman in
After bringing her new 2020
Escape for the car’s first oil change and some warranty work at Tomball Ford, Tiffany Walker got a call that something had happened to her car.
When she went to pick it up, the car was unfortunately totaled, according to
929 NiN

The Texas mechanic’s accident

A Texas woman’s Ford Escape was involved in a car accident during routine maintenance
While Walker’s car was at the dealership, a mechanic reportedly took it out after some repairs to diagnose some other issues, when another driver allegedly failed to yield right of way.
Apparently that driver turned in front of the mechanic and caused him to hit another driver, a claim that is reportedly supported by the police report.
According to reports, the dealership said the other driver’s insurance should pay for the damages. But the insurance companies decided that the driver was only 70% at fault.

Liability car insurance

While we aren’t sure what kind of car insurance each driver had in the story,
liability insurance
is good to have for a situation like this.
That’s because liability insurance protects other drivers involved in an accident that you cause. In other words, if you hit another person’s vehicle or property, liability coverage will help cover the cost of any medical bills or property damage that arises from the accident.
Liability insurance has two basic components:
bodily injury liability
(BIL) and
property damage liability
The bodily injury liability portion covers you as the at-fault driver, paying for any ongoing medical expenses, funeral costs, or lost income. It also helps cover any legal fees arising from a lawsuit.
Property damage liability helps cover the costs associated with repairing vehicles and property damaged in an accident that you cause.

Car insurance in Texas

Texas, where this incident took place, has proportional liability, which means that the insurance companies assigned liability to all the drivers involved in an accident.
With that rule, the company of the driver who hit the mechanic determined their client was only 70% responsible, and reportedly believes the mechanic was 30% responsible, saying he could have avoided hitting the other car if he wasn’t somehow distracted.
Unfortunately for Walker, the mechanic advised her to deal with the insurance company herself and did not want to claim it on their own insurance, according to
KPRC 2 Houston
The mechanic did end up providing Walker with a rental car for three weeks.

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