Is Synthetic Gasoline More Eco-friendly Than Electric Cars?

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Jane Lu
Updated on Apr 27, 2022 · 3 min read
Recently there has been a lot of discussion around how to move from
gas-powered vehicles to electric vehicles
(EVs). Meanwhile, a new study from European focus group Transport & Environment (T&E) talks about e-fuels or synthetic gasoline as another option for
greener cars
We are seeing more incentives for electric vehicles such as
cheaper car insurance
, so how do the costs of synthetic gasoline compare? Which of the two options is the most sustainable based on this new evidence?
Gas-powered cars likely aren't going completely extinct | Twenty20

E-fuels versus electric vehicles

According to
, T&E’s study shows that e-fuels are not as green or cost-friendly to consumers when compared to EVs. Synthetic gasoline is an exciting option for drivers who like gas engines but want to be greener. However, the research shows that they aren’t the best way to help the environment.
Battery-powered electric cars are still the way to go if we are serious about reducing carbon emissions. Over the next decade, switching to electric cars would produce 40% fewer CO2 emissions than driving cars that run on e-fuel. With this new research, questions arise about whether e-fuels should still allow companies to receive credits for reducing their emissions.

The overall costs of e-fuels

Not only are e-fuels less eco-friendly than EVs, but they will probably cost drivers a lot more money in the long term. The production of e-fuels is still expensive and as reported by CNET, the data from T&E shows that filling a car with e-fuel is 43% more expensive than charging an EV.
Also, there are insurance discounts on electric vehicles. For example, some companies might offer a discount on
insurance. E-fuel incentives like emission-reduction credits are made for car manufacturers and don’t yet translate to consumer savings.

Other factors to consider about e-fuels

With EVs dropping in price as they become more mainstream, it will be harder for e-fuels to compete in terms of price and climate benefits. As a result, carmakers have been incentivized to make e-fuel cheaper and more eco-friendly.
One key thing to keep in mind is that e-fuel has mostly been used to power high-performance and vintage cars. Instead of e-fueled cars being an alternative to electric cars, perhaps they are simply greener options for cars that can’t be powered by a battery.
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