The Stars of the Nation's Most Iconic Car Commercials

Serena Aburahma
· 3 min read
Commercials have gone from forgettable to iconic, with a lot of people watching the Super Bowl every year just to see the commercials. With that in mind, it's no wonder companies try to have memorable, entertaining, commercials year-round.
From the beginning, marketing campaigns have used celebrities to get you to
buy cars
. From Cindy Crawford driving an American classic to Matthew McConaughey whispering sweet nothings about one of the
most affordable luxury car brands
Car and Driver
recently posted a list of memorable commercials over the years, and some celebrities definitely stood out.
We’re all familiar with Matthew McConaughey‘s Lincoln commercials, but which other celebrities have done car commercials?

Matthew McConaughey’s famous car commercials

One of the most iconic roles is Matthew McConaughey reciting his soliloquies while driving a luxurious Lincoln.
Everyone knows those commercials.
It's a campaign that has run longer than many others, with the first commercial debuting in 2014. McConaughey didn't even speak in the latest commercial; he just whistled while he drove an
Aviator, which thankfully didn’t catch fire
Those car commercials have not only stuck in consumers' minds but have also spawned spoofs. Saturday Night Live did a send-up of the commercials, with Jim Carrey standing in as McConaughey.
According to Lincoln, though, the ad campaign did its job. Website traffic tripled and market shares increased, while dealers saw more traffic.
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Cindy Crawford’s iconic car commercial

Cindy Crawford's car commercial aired during the 1997 Super Bowl. In it, Crawford, along with a cartoon duck, drove the Cadillac Catera.
The Catera, according to Car and Driver, was an unremarkable vehicle, and the marketing team made some missteps while trying to advertise for it. Crawford was dressed in tight leather, and catcalls were featured in the commercial.
Since the target demographic was women, Cadillac pulled the ad after only a month, due to some concerns over those issues.

Whose ads aired in both Japan and America?

In the ‘80s, Eddie Murphy was at the top of his game. Murphy used his star power in commercials for the Toyota Celica, which had just been redesigned in 1989.
Eddie Murphy's car commercials ran for two years and appeared in both Japanese and American markets.
The commercials were loaded with all the newly redesigned Celica's features. Murphy did his job well, talking up the "glamorous styling" of the new Celica.
Murphy filmed a few different commercials for the Celica, and they all included one very important thing: his laugh.
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