Sketchy Scams: Your Car Does Not Need Extended Warranty from Robocalls

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Ru Chen
Updated on Apr 27, 2022 · 3 min read
If you get a phone call about needing to renew your
car warranty
, don’t fall for it! It’s probably a scam. Car warranty scams are the number one most common phone scam in America. Billions of these calls are made annually.
Learn how to protect yourself from common scam tactics and avoid getting overcharged on
car insurance
Extended warranty calls are almost always a scam.

Dangers of car warranty robocall scams

LA Times
did a column on car warranty robocall scams. They’re those pre-recorded calls that go around all the time.
In these scam calls, you’re told that your car warranty has expired or is expiring. All you have to do is “press one” to solve all your problems by extending your car warranty.
Funnily enough, these calls can reach anyone. Even if you don’t own a car, you might be getting such calls!
It might seem harmless to see whether you can extend your car warranty, but these calls often end in disaster if you believe them. These so-called extended warranties are actually cleverly worded service contracts.
They are obscenely overpriced and full of loopholes and exclusions, so even if what you get is legally an extended car warranty, it’s absolutely useless.

What happens if your car warranty really has expired?

Even if your car warranty has truly expired, no matter what, don’t agree to the robocall’s offered contract without consulting that trusted mechanic or dealer.
These robocalls want to get you on the line with a professional scammer ASAP. They make the offered extended warranty deal seem amazing! But it’s all empty promises.
Even if it’s a legit service contract from a real service provider, extended car warranties often overcharge you and leave you financially unprotected.
Any accurate information they might have on your vehicle is because your state has released public info on your car ownership.
In general, having adequate insurance that can cover repairs is a great idea.
With good insurance, you can avoid falling for fraud and scams that leave you potentially thousands of dollars short, with nothing but a bogus service contract.  

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