Should You Get a Dodge Avenger Body Kit?

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Jane Lu
Updated on Apr 27, 2022 · 3 min read
We all agree that
customizing your car
can be fun. It doesn’t matter whether you’re working on a
Avenger or Jeep Wrangler, a few mods can change its appearance and performance. However, before you rush to the parts shop to get a body kit, you’ll want to consider what kinds of benefits you want.
The Dodge Avenger is one of the
high-performance cars
by Fiat Chrysler Automobiles. It has features and engines that are tuned for racing. However, many people would love to push the limits by customizing it.
Let's explore the Dodge Avenger body kit options available.
A Dodge Avenger body kit can help you change your car’s appearance and performance.

How does a Dodge Avenger body kit work?

Over the years, body kits have been used on race cars to improve their aerodynamics and fuel efficiency. In addition, car enthusiasts use them in their cars to add some personality and make them stand out from the crowd.
The Dodge Avenger's fascia and air dam help reduce drag and increase traction. The rear fascias help filter the air under the car with ease. The spoilers add a downward force when the Dodge moves at high speeds, enhancing the car's stability.
The hood usually comes with huge vents, which help push more air into the engine. This feature provides more air for combustion and improves fuel efficiency. Overall, manufacturer body kits on the Dodge Avenger enhance its appearance and aerodynamics.

Benefits of aftermarket kits

Factory-made Dodge Avenger body kits are quite expensive, and car owners are limited to a few choices. However, you can get aftermarket kits that serve the same purpose.
According to
Motor Biscuit
, aftermarket kits are quite cheap but may be less effective in enhancing your vehicle's performance. You’ll want to look for a kit with the benefits you want, whether they’re aesthetic or functional. Make sure to check the reviews of the body kit brand before having them installed on your Dodge Avenger.

Dodge Avenger body kit options

You can choose various body kits for your Dodge Avenger. The most popular exterior accessories include hoods, scoops, and hood dampers. These parts help deliver cool air to the engine compartments and enhance the vehicle's aesthetics.
Unfortunately, you may have to modify the vehicle to fit hood dampers and hoods.
explains that you can purchase fender inserts to help enhance the air intake into your Dodge Avenger engine and increase combustion for more speed. You may add aluminum, carbon fiber, or paintable wings. The wings enhance the aesthetics of your Dodge Avenger and give it a rally-ready appearance.
Carbon fiber is the most expensive, but aluminum is the most durable material. You can match the color of your paintable wings to your car paint.
For door customization, you can go with vertical, suicide, or shaved doors. This is purely for aesthetic purposes, so it depends on your preference. Other body kit parts that you can purchase include grilles, trim accessories, and tow hooks.
License plate frames, antennas, and emblems also help enhance the look of your vehicle. On the downside, these upgrades are quite expensive. Some people may also find heavily customized rides unappealing.
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