You Can Now See an NSX at Toyota’s Official Car Museum

Hannah DeWitt
Dec 22, 2021 · 4 min read
Toyota has an automotive museum located in Nagoya City, Japan, where they display some of the classic car models they’ve released over the years. The mid-engine coupe is one of many types of sports cars that have found a spot in the museum. 
Toyota sports car models on display at the museum include the NA Miata, GT-R, and Lexus L-FA. This year, they added an NSX to the collection. What is interesting, though, is that this vehicle is a model from Toyota's closest rival, Honda
Here are more details about the Honda NSX and the museum.
Red Acura NSX
The Honda NSX had a monstrous 600 horsepower at its disposal.

What makes the Honda NSX iconic?

According to Carscoops, the NSX was launched in 1990 and was a true definition of comfort, practicality, and reliability, combined with performance. It went on to beat other vehicles in the market and even evolved into a second-generation model. Even their rival Toyota did not have a model to compete against the NSX.
The NSX became the first vehicle to be manufactured with an all-aluminum body. It featured advanced aerodynamics and styling that were similar to that of an F-16 fighter jet cockpit. Rumors have it that the late Formula 1 legend Ayrton Senna was also involved in its development.
This vehicle runs on a 3.0-liter or 3.2-liter V-6 engine with a five-speed manual transmission, though later models featured a four-speed automatic transmission. The newer transmission system allowed for manual or automatic shifting through a lever on the steering column.
Toyota has displayed a coupe model of the NSX at the museum. However, Honda later made a convertible T-model in 1995.  Both models had similar engine characteristics and VTEC (Variable Valve Timing and Lift Electronic Control).
The first-generation model in the U.S. was called the Acura NSX, which was discontinued in 2005.

The Toyota car museum is home to iconic car brands

The Toyota Car Museum was built to help commemorate the history of automobiles and their role in creating a prosperous future for all humans. 
Nagakute Automobile Museum is located on the outskirts of Nagoya City and was opened on April 16, 1989, when Toyota Corporation celebrated its 50th anniversary. It showcases cars from different eras and brands from across the world. In addition to its own models, Toyota has outstanding cars from other carmakers, such as Honda, Mercedes, Ford, Volkswagen, Subaru, Roll Royce, Porsche, and Mazda, among others.
Apart from Honda, other notable models at the Toyota car museum include the famous 1955 Ford Thunderbird, Packard Twelve, which President Roosevelt drove, and the gold trim 1910 Rolls Royce Silver Ghost. It even has the Batmobile-like Cadillac Eldorado Biarritz.

A new NSX is on the market

A new model called the NSX Type S will be sold in 2022, with only 350 units going on sale globally. The new vehicle design has enhanced the features that the brand has been known for over the years and includes advanced technology, like a new hybrid setup.
It comes fitted with twin turbochargers from the GT3 Evo, giving it an incredible 600 horsepower. The body is also meticulously engineered with carbon fiber side skirts, front lip, and spoilers. Its wheels have been redesigned as well to increase the lateral g-force and enhance control.
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