Recall Alert: The New Jeep Cherokee’s Leaky Transmission Could Result In a Fire

Andrew Koole
Oct 14, 2021 · 3 min read
Jeep has recalled some of its 2021 Cherokee. The rubber hose for the transmission fluid could have been improperly cured, resulting in a leak. If the fluid comes in contact with an ignition source like the exhaust system, it could start a fire.
This is the second recall for the model. Jeep already recalled the 2021 Cherokees because of potentially weak lower front control arms. If the arms fracture while the SUV is in motion, it could result in sudden loss of control of the vehicle’s steering.
If you own a 2021 Jeep Cherokee, you should find out if it’s part of these recalls right away. You can learn more about these recalls and how to look up your car to see if it’s part of them in the article below. Owners affected by the recall should be notified by the automaker by June 23, 2021. To find out sooner, you can call the manufacturer at 1-800-853-1403 or check your VIN at NHTSA’s website.
A black Jeep Cherokee on display
The recent Jeep recall isn't massive, but it still cause for concern | Twenty20

The 2021 Jeep Cherokee recalls

18,000 vehicles, which is 10% of the 2021 Cherokees Jeep produced, are affected by this latest recall, which was announced on May 4, 2021. According to MotorBiscuit, Chrysler (Jeep’s parent company)identified four customer assistance records, 160 warranty claims, and seven field reports that could be related to the Cherokee’s incorrectly cured TOC hose. Thankfully, there are no known injuries or accidents related to the defect.
The first recall began in October 2020. Although much smaller (affecting 698 vehicles), the potential for accident and injury was much higher. Thankfully, the defect was caught early by the assembly plant and no one reported any problems related to the faulty part before the recall. Owners were already contacted by the manufacturer in early November 2020.

How to protect yourself from the unexpected

If your Cherokee is part of the latest recall, you’ll need to bring it in to the dealership to get checked out. The dealer’s mechanics should inspect and replace the hose free of charge. Participating in recalls is extremely important. Recalls cost manufacturers a lot of money and are usually only reserved for serious safety concerns. Luckily, all repairs related to recalls are free, so you don’t have to worry about paying the high prices expected from dealership maintenance and repairs.
Not all mechanical issues can be caught and handled by recalls. To protect yourself from sudden malfunctions, it’s a good idea to add comprehensive coverage to your car insurance policy. Considering an extended warranty is also an option for older cars.
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