Porsche Vehicles Will Compose Music While You're Driving

Jane Lu
· 3 min read
Driving a
is about to get even more exciting. The German automaker is taking the customized driving experience to a whole new level. Soon, Porsche owners will be able to enjoy uniquely composed music based on their driving.
The project, called Soundtrack My Life, uses new
car technology
to create and compose music in real-time. Here’s how the Soundtrack My Life technology will work.
New Porsche vehicles can offer an in-car DJ

What is the Soundtrack My Life project?

recently announced their Soundtrack My Life project led by Porsche Digital product owner, Norman Friedenberger. He’s focused on developing software that creates music based on your driving style. The prototype of the technology lets drivers choose the mood or genre they prefer, and musical elements are rearranged based on things like acceleration and speed.
The software pulls from Porsche's own original music library. Friedenberger hopes to work with well-known music composers in the future to develop special editions that can be offered as digital collectors’ items. His vision is to create soundtracks that align with the surrounding scenery. It will be a great way to take the monotony out of any
road trip
The Soundtrack My Life prototype is still in the beta-testing stages of development. Currently, the prototype is built as a smartphone app. The developers are still undecided whether to include it in the standard infotainment features of upcoming Porsche models or just release the app.
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How will Porsche vehicles make music?

The technology does not replace streaming platforms or borrow from your own playlist. Instead, it analyses the speed and acceleration as you drive and uses this to mix sounds and tracks. Porsche calls it "adaptive sound." Drivers select a basic musical mood or genre, and the software will rearrange, add, or remove musical elements.
The result is a complex, one-of-a-kind musical soundtrack, and a new listening experience. The company hopes to push the app even further and experiment with different possibilities. In the future, Soundtrack My Life might be able to detect your mood and tailor the music to how you’re feeling.

How software is transforming the automotive industry

Leading automakers like Porsche have been embracing and exploring ideas for new car technology. From self-driving vehicles to personalized comfort and entertainment features, the industry is quickly evolving.
Companies like
are already heavily focused on software in their vehicle designs. You can expect a lot of innovation in the industry to involve software development. Hardware will still be important, but software has been driving a lot of automakers’ plans for their cars.
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