Over 100 Classic Cars Were Found in A Warehouse

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Jane Lu
Updated on Apr 27, 2022 · 3 min read
Classic cars
are a hobby for some, and a way of life for others. From visiting classic car shows to spending thousands restoring them, many
car lovers
can't get enough. 
One business owner in London had such a passion for cars that he's collected 174 of them, and now they're up for sale, according to
A London business owner is selling his classic car collection.

Finding a modern-day treasure

It's not often that one finds a treasure in this day and age. The
London Barn Finds
Instagram account shows the car collection in all its glory. Sure they're a bit covered in dust, and many haven't been driven since they were parked in their new warehouse home, but it's still quite the find.
In the collection, there are
, Volkswagen camper vans, a Nissan 300ZX, Mercedes-Benz, Land Rovers, and even MGs. Each was kept in the London-based warehouse, and it appears that many people nearby had no idea that they were even there. The collection is estimated to be worth more than $1 million.
That's quite the hidden collection. So who buys this many classic cars and keeps it all under wraps?

Who keeps 174 classic cars in a warehouse?

All we know is that these cars are owned by a local London businessman who wants to stay anonymous. What he was willing to share through friends is that he loves classic cars. 
For him, it all began with a Mercedes-Benz SL. After that, the collection just sort of grew. His wife said that he would leave on Saturday morning and return that night with a new classic car.
This went on for years, but all good things must come to an end. It appears that the cars are going up for sale. The question now is why, and where can you buy one?

Why are the cars up for sale?

The businessman who is selling the cars is doing so because he no longer has a place to house them. He was originally renting the warehouse from the town council, but they need the space for unknown reasons, so he has to do something with the cars.
Finding space for 174 cars in London isn't exactly an easy task. The businessman reportedly found some spaces where he could keep the cars, but not for the price point he got from the town council. So rather than pay more money, he has reluctantly decided to sell the cars.
It was a hard decision, but he has brought in Frederick Fison to help with the sale of the vehicles. Fison has his work cut out for him; not only does he have to document each and every car, but he's also responsible for determining what type of repairs each one needs. Many are still in working order, but others can't even be driven.
Then there's the job of getting all the dust washed off. This may require a paint job for some of the vehicles.
For those interested in buying one of these classic cars once they're ready for sale, you can find them on eBay. In a typical situation, these cars would
go to auction
, but the owner felt that he could get the full value of each car by selling them on eBay.
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