Nissan 370Z Widebody: A Cult Favorite

Andrew Koole
Jan 19, 2022 · 3 min read
Over its 52-year history, the Nissan Z has garnered a reputation of being a formidable sports car with an affordable starting price. Each of its seven generations gathered new fans under new nameplates, from its early years under Datsun to the new Z expected for the 2023 model year.
But for some fans, the body for the current model, the 370Z, isn’t quite unique enough. Widebody kits are a popular choice amongst Nissan 370Z owners to give a flashier look and open up the possibility for larger wheel sizes.
Widebody kits for Nissan 370Zs make them look cool, but adding one can get expensive. The kits alone range from $600 to nearly $13,000, and that’s before any installation costs. On top of all that, modifying your car will likely raise your car insurance premiums.
A red Nissan 370Z widebody driving in a parking lot.
The Nissan 370Z widebody has a cult following of loyal fans.

A short history of the Nissan 370Z

The 370Z is Nissan’s only current affordable sports car and the sixth of the Z-car’s seven generations. The Japanese automaker launched the nameplate back in 1969 with the 240Z, selling the car in the U.S. under its Datsun brand.
Since then, Nissan has raised the stakes and the number associated with the car with each rendition, increasing horsepower and improving performance along the way. 
Motortrend says the car went through a six-year hiatus in the U.S. but has been available since the fifth generation was launched for the 2003 model year. 
In 2008, Nissan revealed the 370Z. The 2022 model year will signal the end of the sixth-generation Z, making it the longest-lasting generation in the sports car’s history.

What makes the 370Z widebody so appealing?

The 370Z is already a cool-looking car. But many enthusiasts enjoy making it all their own with unique paint jobs and body kits. 
Modifications are a big part of Japanese car culture, both for performing sports like drifting and for showing off each driver’s unique style. Widebody kits are a popular option for many models, but they work especially well on the 370Z. 
Functionally, a widebody allows drivers to use larger tires, which improves traction and horsepower. But mostly, the lower, more aggressive stance just makes the 370Z widebody look badass. 

Adding a body kit to your 370Z

If you want to join in on the fun of modding your car, body kits range widely in price. Some manage to cost less than $1,000 while others are over $10,000. Installation typically costs $2,000 to $3,000, unless you do the work yourself.
Before you make any decisions though, keep in mind that you’ll have to notify your insurer of any changes you make to the car. Failing to do so could mean your vehicle isn’t covered in the case of an accident. 
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