How Much Is This New VonMercier Hybrid Hovercraft?

Serena Aburahma
· 4 min read
hybrid cars
, fully electric, vehicles, self-driving cars, and more, we are in an age of great changes to transportation. Some companies are even going in different directions from other companies, like Toyota, which is focusing on
hydrogen-powered vehicles
For others, the future of transportation will not come from any variation of a car, though.
VonMercier is a startup company with a unique vehicle of the future.
According to
, the VonMercier Arosa is a hybrid hovercraft, and it is bound to get attention with its eye-catching design and impressive claims.
The new VonMercier Arosa hovercraft is a sci-fi lover’s dream, but when it comes to info on the car and driving it, what’s real?

What is the VonMercier Arosa hovercraft?

The VonMercier Arosa is a hovercraft that looks like it belongs in a sci-fi film. The vehicle’s design is more reminiscent of how we picture a supercar, not a hovercraft. Its cherry red paint scheme drives this comparison to a Ferrari or similar luxury vehicle.
In images shown of the Arosa, it has an open seating space with tandem seats. Much like the vehicle as a whole, the seats look like they could be in a luxury sports car.
As for the hovercraft's controls, VonMercier claims that it has a patented control system built to be as maneuverable as possible. The Arosa has a steering wheel similar to a car, but the rest of its controls are similar to a boat’s. So essentially, driving the Arosa will be like driving a boat.
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What are the specs on this hovercraft?

A lot is still unknown about the power of the VonMercier Arosa. There are estimates for how fast it could travel, though, and it is believed that the Arosa's max speed will be about 80 miles per hour. As a hybrid, the Arosa will have a gas engine as well as a battery pack.
As with most details about the Arosa, exact details of its range are unknown, but it may be able to travel 120 miles. This is quite small compared to electric vehicles on the market now where some manufacturers believe they can soon get a
range of 600 miles
This speed and power will be used to go over all sorts of terrain. VonMercier envisions the Arosa driving on streets, but as a hovercraft, it could do more. The Arosa could theoretically drive on water and easily float over gravel.

Questions and concerns about the Arosa

There is one big elephant in the room when talking about the Arosa, and that is that there is currently no footage of the hovercraft in action.
While the images released of the vehicle look impressive, there is no way to know how it will function. There are also no sources that confirm its speed or range capabilities beyond what VonMercier has said.
If the Arosa were to function as intended, though, there are still issues.
Hovercrafts may be the vehicles of the future, but rules and regulations of the present are not written with them in mind. There are restrictions over which vehicles are allowed on streets, and the Arosa would likely not be allowed.
As this is a technology of the future, it comes with a high price tag. Von Mercier has stated that the starting price of the Arosa will be $75,000, which is more expensive than a Tesla Model Y
even after Tesla’s price increases
This might be a price worth paying to be an early adopter, but it may be worth waiting on considering it could have limited use.
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