The New Polaris Ranger EV Promises Big Upgrades

Jane Lu
· 4 min read
If you've been keeping up with current trends in the
electric vehicle
(EV) market, you probably weren't surprised when Polaris teased a potential collaboration with Zero Motorcycles back in September 2020.
Polaris recently confirmed this when it announced the debut of the new 2022 Polaris Ranger EV that will debut in late December. The utility side-by-side will incorporate powertrain expertise from Zero, whose modern battery technology promises outstanding capabilities. This is the first partnership between the two companies.
Zero is offering new motor and battery tech to help develop an improved version of the electric Ranger. Using more efficient
battery technology
, they would be able to boost the vehicle's power and range.
Polaris is making a big splash in the electric vehicle game.

The current version of the Polaris Ranger EV

According to
, the 2021 Polaris Ranger EV model relies on lead-acid batteries that send 48 volts to a 30-horsepower motor.
The vehicle offers 500 pounds of cargo capacity and 1,500 pounds of towing capacity. This will be vastly improved with Zero’s powertrain on the new model. Zero’s Cypher II powertrain comes with three lithium-ion battery pack options with capacities ranging between 3.6 and 14.4 kWh.
It also has three motor options you can choose from, including 46, 60, or 70 horsepower. Autoblog recently tested the 60-horsepower motor version in a custom sidecar motorcycle. The prototype vehicle reached a top speed of 88 mph. This is just a glimpse into what you can expect from the new Ranger EV.
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What features will be included with the 2022 Polaris Ranger EV?

Not much information has been released about the 2022 Polaris Ranger EV, but there are a few things that are possible with Zero's current technology. Mike Donoughe, senior vice president and chief technical officer at Polaris, said "It will be one of the most technically advanced off-road vehicles on the market."
Besides more power, you can expect more useable torque from the new Ranger EV, according to
. The vehicle will be able to handle a wider range of speeds, and more efficiently handle tasks such as plowing and towing.
According to Polaris, the increase in useable torque also gives you more control over the acceleration and deceleration of the car. The deceleration will be more efficient thanks to regenerative braking, a feature you can find on Tesla and Prius vehicles.
The upgraded throttle and braking system could allow the vehicle to glide easily over off-road terrain like slopes and rocks. Polaris also said the vehicle's weight distribution has been optimized to offer the best power-to-weight ratio.
The electric powertrain will have fewer moving parts which can help the car last longer. Overall, there'll be less maintenance needed, giving the Ranger EV the
lowest cost of ownership
compared to its competitors. To top it off, the vehicle is expected to be incredibly quiet.

How will the Polaris-Zero collab impact the future of EVs?

In light of today's
electric vehicle revolution
, it’s an exciting time for innovation across many industries. With the announcement of the Polaris-Zero collaboration, the possibilities for electric drivetrains are expanded even further. Polaris promised that by 2025, it would have an EV variant for all its core product segments.
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