New Mercedes Cars Help You Avoid Potholes

Serena Aburahma
· 3 min read
Cars are becoming more and more technologically advanced, and in ways we never could have imagined.
has been investing in its own car-to-car communication technology called the Car-to-X system which shares data from all Benz vehicles through a cloud system.
Since potholes and
pothole damage
are a common problem across towns, cities, and rural areas, this new technology might help you avoid them and prevent damage to your vehicle.
We’re excited to share what we’ve learned from
on how Car-to-X works and which Mercedes vehicles will have this technology.
Though we haven’t found a way to Inspector Gadget all the potholes we encounter on the road, Mercedes-Benz might be getting close with their new tech.

How does Mercedes Car-to-X technology work?

Car-to-X will inform you about existing potholes by using other cars in the area.
The system works by sending and receiving data through a V2V (Vehicle to Vehicle) cloud system so you’re informed about a pothole ahead of time.
For instance, if your equipped car hits a pothole, it will detect that via the rapid movement of the suspension. After that, the vehicle will send that signal to the automaker's Car-to-X cloud servers.
The servers then communicate with other Mercedes-Benz cars in the area and relay that information through the cloud.
The warnings will appear on your navigation screen, accompanied by an audio announcement to "lookout for potholes!" The system sends information through wireless technology via your cellular connection.
This new technology will also warn drivers of other road hazards such as crosswinds, strong crosswinds, and extreme weather conditions.
Earlier Mercedes-Benz models that had Car-to-X gave the less obvious notification of "Traffic event ahead." Of course, the technology does not actually do anything to fix the pothole, It simply warns you about them.
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Does Car-to-X technology have any limitations?

It's good to mention that the technology is manufacturer-specific. The technology would only work effectively if other cars in the area also have the Car-to-X system.
And if you live in a remote area with few Mercedes drivers, you won’t be able to get useful warnings so it might not work well in certain localities.
Lastly, to use the system, you need to have a "Mercedes Me" account. For the first three years, you can access basic functionality with an eligible model for free, but there is a monthly fee after that.

Final thoughts on Mercedes’ Car-to-X technology

The feature may not be that effective during the initial roll-out, but will become more valuable as more vehicles get it. This technology is a great way to have your car help you drive safely.
Overall Car-to-X seems useful, especially if you drive in areas with potholes! And while it might not be a life-changing innovation at the moment, you can expect it to improve with more users. Hopefully, it would not only help you avoid potholes, but also possible accidents.
With time, we may see more automakers come together to create a universal system that works for all vehicles to make driving safer. Until then, it’s always a great idea to have good, affordable insurance coverage for your vehicle. Let
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