Moose Meets Car, Car Meets Moose: A Collision Story

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Ru Chen
Updated on Apr 27, 2022 · 3 min read
Wildlife collisions are one of the top causes of
car accidents
. Moose are huge. When a car hits a moose, it’s usually an incredibly dangerous affair, for both moose and man.
An angry moose was recently hit by a car in
. Wandering off, the moose had to be tranquilized and captured after it charged a person. 
Collisions with Moose are responsible for untold amounts of damage every year.

Moose car accident in Worcester, Massachusetts
reported on this moose that collided with a car in Worcester. The moose had been spotted wandering the area since 3 AM. A few hours later, it galloped down a street with cars.
As it was crossing the street, it hit the back of a vehicle that was passing by. The car windows got cracked, the door was dented, and it was a frightening scenario. The car almost swerved off the road because of the moose.
Dan Antonucci, a sanitation worker, was witness to this moose-y incident. He and his partner were working their regular trash collection route when they spotted the aggravated moose.
They followed after the moose, trying to warn people of potential danger. It looked like the moose might attack.
And attack it did. The moose ended up charging at least one person before it finally got tranquilized by Massachusetts Environmental Police.
Reports said that the moose suffered a minor laceration on its nose, but was otherwise unhurt.
In the end, it took more than a dozen officials combined to transport the moose back into the woods safely.

What insurance covers wildlife collisions with the not-so-meek moose?

Moose are a real problem on the road in many states with a high moose population. This moose in particular weighed around 1,000 pounds.
A vehicle going anything over walking speed means a potential wildlife collision. A car hitting a moose (or a moose face planting towards a car) means a costly and risky crash.
A lot of people might think that regular collision insurance can cover anything caused by animal damage on the road. This is not usually the case.
Wildlife collisions will typically be paid for only by
comprehensive coverage
. It could be important for you to get comprehensive coverage if you’re in an area with frequent animal collisions. 

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