‘Merry Chrysler’ and Other Popular Car Vines

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Hannah DeWitt
Updated on Apr 27, 2022 · 3 min read
Before the age of
, or even Musical.ly, there was Vine. Thousands and thousands of creators and influencers used the platform to make short and funny six-second clips, many of which are still quoted and laughed at today.
Vine has been replaced by TikTok, but the platform lives on thanks to a few hard-core Vine users that are keeping the app’s legacy alive by reposting viral Vine videos to TikTok and YouTube.
"Merry Chrysler" was a Vine made popular in 2015 by Vine user Christine Sydelko in a video where she is intentionally mispronouncing Merry Christmas several times. This was just one of several
car memes
that were made popular through the site. Let's look at a few car-related Vines that have been made popular through the years, as reported by
This Vine will have you saying “Merry Crisis” throughout the holiday season.

Merry Chrysler

One of those videos was a Vine where Christine Sydelko mispronounces “Merry Christmas” several times as she walks around a giant, elaborately decorated Christmas tree.
She starts out the video by happily declaring “Happy Crimmus.” She then says, “It's Crismin,” then "Merry Crisis,” and then the notorious "Merry Chrysler.” The Vine went so viral that you can buy merch with quotes from the video on different platforms. 

'The rules of the road don't apply to me'

Another Vine that went viral was a video of a man dressed as Batman driving a yellow
911 GT3. In the video, Bat Dad is seen saying, "The rules of the road don't apply to me,” after which he does a series of donuts in the Porsche, still dressed in full Batman regalia. 
Bat Dad, also known as Blake Wilson, found notoriety when he began publishing videos of himself dressed as Batman interacting with his children. 
The interactions were hilariously domestic for the caped crusader. Blake would speak in a raspy voice (think Christian Bale's Batman) and would play pranks on his unsuspecting wife and their four children. Blake has since moved to Instagram and YouTube where he still has a large following.

‘I’m in my mum’s car…’

This Vine has about as little context as you can get, but that didn’t stop it from becoming a quotable classic. 
The clip starts off with a teenage girl in the driver’s seat of a parked car. She mischievously says, “I’m in my mum’s car...Broom broom.” Then the clip cuts to the girl’s mom, who promptly declares “Get out me car!” to which the girl replies “Awww.” Its quirky awkwardness plays into the humor, helping the video charm its way to viral stardom.
Vine is gone, but not forgotten. The novelty of Vine, the short and fast humor it required, was what made the app so great. In fact, the graininess of the videos gave them a certain charm that some would say TikTok videos just can't replicate. Thanks to a few hard-core Viners, we can still enjoy these videos today.
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