Mazda Teaming Up with Toyota for the 2023 Hybrid CX-50

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You would be forgiven for thinking that Mazda’s newest SUV is just a renamed version of its most popular model, the CX-5. Images of the 2023 CX-50 show a vehicle with similar size and style to its older sibling.
But the CX-50 differs from the CX-5 in a few key ways. The new crossover offers more ground clearance, off-road focused accessories, and rear-seat legroom than the established model. It also offers a hybrid powertrain, an option Mazda hasn’t offered since 2011.
Mazda’s models have benefited from critical praise for the last few years, but it’s also dragged its heels in the transition off fossil fuels. The lack of attention to this growing movement might be why they chose to borrow a hybrid platform from Toyota.
A Mazda CX-50 driving off-road.

Mazda trails most automakers on the road to electrification

Mazda is ahead of the game in some respects. For the last few years, its lineups have scored stellar reviews, thanks to their luxurious interiors and excellent driving performance. But when it comes to fuel economy, the Japanese automaker is decidedly behind the pack.
As other brands continued offering hybrids and raced to compete with Tesla in the EV market, Car and Driver says Mazda stayed the internal combustion course. 
And the company doesn’t plan to change its strategy any time soon. While other brands release their second and third EVs and promise to be gas-free by 2030, Mazda says they won’t launch their EV platform until 2025 and that they plan to continue building hybrids into the next decade.

What can we expect from the Mazda CX-50?

With the expiration date for hybrids essentially set, it might seem odd that Mazda chose to reenter the dual powertrain scene for 2023. Many competing hybrid models are already on track to phase out their gas tanks in the coming years.
But you have to start somewhere, and Mazda could’ve done worse than teaming up with Toyota to offer a hybrid option for the CX-50. The auto giant instigated the modern hybrid era back in 1997 with the Prius and has been updating the powertrain ever since.
Although the crossover will be built in the same facility as the Corolla Cross, Car and Driver suspects it will have more in common with the hybrid RAV4 which the magazine reviewed favorably.

What will the hybrid CX-50 cost to own?

Details on the price of the CX-50 are still unknown, but Car and Driver expects the base price to be around $29,000. Based on the $2,000 jump in price from Toyota to opt for a hybrid RAV4, you can expect a similar adjustment from Mazda.
In regards to car insurance rates, details are even more unclear since the CX-50 isn’t on the road yet and Mazda doesn’t have a current hybrid to compare notes with.
But a quick look at average premiums for a Toyota RAV4 indicates higher costs for hybrids than for Mazdas with traditional powertrains. On average, rates jump $40 a month for RAV4s with battery-powered motors.
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