MAPFRE Offers Cheap Insurance Through the MotionStart App in Massachusetts

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Brandon Moore
Updated on Jun 27, 2022 · 3 min read
Cheaper car insurance is something that everyone wants. Drivers in
have a new way to save money on their insurance using modern technology.
Usage-based insurance
has helped drivers get rewarded for safe driving, and those in Massachusetts can now take advantage of it.
According to Digital Insurance, Massachusetts drivers can take advantage of a new program through MAPFRE. The usage program promises to be easy to use and can be a great cost-saving measure.

How usage-based insurance works

MAPFRE’s MotionSmart app could reduce bad driving habits while offering cheap insurance.
If you're a safe driver, usage-based insurance could reward you for your driving habits. The key to this is called
, which keeps track of how you drive. Telematics measures variables such as how fast you drive, how hard you brake and even what times of day you drive.
This data is tracked using a device installed in your vehicle. With the data gathered through telematics, safe drivers can lower their car insurance premiums.
With its emphasis on technology and data, usage-based insurance brings car insurance to the modern age. MAPFRE's new program is made with this modern technology in mind. Rather than using a telematics device, MAPFRE's program uses an app.

MotionSmart by MAPFRE

MAPFRE's MotionSmart usage-based insurance program is part of a partnership with Cambridge Mobile Telematics. The idea behind MotionSmart is to be as simple as possible so that more drivers in
are encouraged to use it. This is why the program uses an app rather than a standard telematics device.
Users can sign up for the MotionSmart program and will receive a link to download the app. This telematics app does not require drivers to do anything while driving. Instead, it simply tracks their driving information.
Those covered by MAPFRE are given a 10% discount on their premiums just for signing up for MotionSmart. From there, depending on how safe their driving is according to the telematics app, they can save even more. Savings reach up to 20% with MotionSmart.

Other benefits to MotionSmart

Saving money on car insurance is enough of an incentive to sign up for the MotionSmart program from MAPFRE. Using the telematics app can also help drivers keep track of their driving habits to see areas they can improve upon.
Cambridge Mobile Telematics claims that by using their app for a month, drivers often decrease their
and hard braking. These are often aspects of driving that sometimes drivers may not even realize they struggle with. By having an app that keeps track of the information, drivers can spot issues and work to correct them.
Somewhat humorously, the app also keeps track of phone usage while driving. Reducing the use of a phone while behind the wheel can help reduce distracted driving.
Right now, MAPFRE's MotionSmart program is only available to drivers in Massachusetts as a pilot. They hope to bring the program to other states in the future, though. Usage-based programs can help everyone on the road, as they can save drivers money and encourage safer driving.
Massachusetts drivers can get cheaper car insurance through MAPFRE's MotionSmart program. This isn't the only app that can help save money on car insurance, though.
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