‘Mad Max Fury Road’: The Inspiration Behind Those Otherworldly Rides

Hannah DeWitt
Jan 19, 2022 · 4 min read
Oftentimes, the fictional cars we see in movies are inspired by real-life car brands and models. It's even more amazing when we see automakers take the extra step to create fanciful cars of the future. The Lo Res car, a driveable bit of futuristic design, is one such example. It looks like it could be in a sci-fi movie, and it's already appeared in some music videos.
Sadly, it's unlikely that we will see any vehicles from Mad Max: Fury Road on actual streets in the future. Not only are they armed with weapons, but some of them are too massive to be considered practical. 
Still, even these bombastic vehicles had their roots as regular cars. Here are some of our favorite Mad Max: Fury Road models, based on a list from HotCars.
Blue van driving on a dirt road in the desert
Despite their odd looks, most vehicles in “Mad Max: Fury Road” are modifications of single models.

The Plymouth Rock

The spikey Plymouth Rock is based on the 1937 Plymouth Sedan. According to the Mad Max wiki, a total of 5,000 rusted metal spikes were used to decorate the entire fleet.
The actual Plymouth Sedan is far more civilized and luxurious. It probably couldn't catch up to most vehicles with its measly 65 horsepower. However, its carburetor produces such high emissions that it could be deemed sinister depending on who you ask.

The Gigahorse

Immortan Joe's intimidating Gigahorse might seem like it's two cars in one, but it's actually an amalgamation of the same models. It's the Cadillac de Ville, a ‘50s model that was discontinued 16 years ago. It was pretty powerful even in 1959, when it made 325 horsepower.
Of course, this Gigahorse comes equipped with two big-block V8 engines and a turbo-automatic transmission, producing a combined 1,200 horsepower. We can see that it rides on a beefier truck platform, plus has massive 70-inch tractor tires. The upper de Ville also features a built-in flamethrower and harpoon gun.

The Buggy #9

The War Boys' iconic black coupe is officially a Perentti, but this was actually a kit car produced in the ‘70s. It was designed to be a fiberglass copy of the C3 Corvette, complete with the original 308-horsepower engine.
The production crew was quick to swap the engine out with a V8, lift the suspension, and give it some off-roading wheels. There's also an extra seat on the roof for someone to operate the installed machine gun.

The Interceptor

Mad Max's Interceptor is a sparsely modified Ford Falcon XB, originally manufactured for only three years in Australia. The one used in the movie is specifically a GT hardtop, which made approximately 300 horsepower with its V8.
This particular vehicle has been a longstanding figure in the Mad Max franchise, even reimagined as “Razor Cola” in Fury Road. It appears in the final epic chase scenes of the film, powered by twin superchargers. Two other Interceptors, also based on the Ford Falcon XB, make appearances in the movie.

Furiosa's War Rig

The base of the War Rig is obviously a vicious army truck, specifically a Tatra T815. It's 78 feet long and comes with AWD to navigate any harsh conditions, fitting for the desolate desert in the movie.
This Tatra is outfitted with 10 different firearms, armored hubcaps, twin engines, and menacing skulls affixed across the exterior. Its original cab was swapped out for the one inside the Chevy Fleetmaster, widened for the truck's chassis. The tanker has two turrets, one made from the top half of a Volkswagen Beetle.

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