Libras' Indecisive Nature Shows When it Comes to Traffic Violations

Lisa Steuer McArdle
· 3 min read
Does your Zodiac sign influence the decisions you make while driving?
Some of our data here at
reveals that Libras are some of the best drivers because they don't get often caught for something major like a
. But they do tend to have other violations on their
driving record
For this report, Jerry analyzed over 1 million points of driver data from August 2020-August 2021. Libras were determined to be drivers born between Sept. 23 and Oct. 22.
Here’s a closer look comparing the data to the personality traits of a Libra.
A Libra’s indecisive nature may have an influence on the types of driving tickets they get.

Libra driving violations and tickets

The data revealed that only 5% of Libras have violations, which means they are the third best drivers in the Zodiac. Only Pisces and Virgos are better drivers.
In fact, for every 1,000 Libra drivers, the data says that just 53 of them have driving violations—which is pretty low. It’s only slightly worse than Pisces and Virgo drivers, which both had 52 drivers with violations for every 1,000 drivers with their Zodiac sign.
But according to the data, Libras are some of the speediest drivers. In fact,
and ignoring traffic signs make up most of their driving violations.
In addition, of all the Zodiac signs, Libras are second-likely to be cited for a DUI. So while Libras might be speeding, more of them are at least law-abiding when it comes to staying sober on the road. Capricorns are on the other end of the spectrum, with over 30% more likely to have a DUI.
In addition, after Leos, Libras are the most likely to drive with a
suspended license
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A Libra’s indecisive nature

It’s interesting to further examine the personality traits of Libras and consider if it might impact their driving habits.
For instance, Libras are said to be indecisive. Perhaps this plays into their driving habits—maybe Libras are indecisive about which laws to follow, or they are deciding which one is more important to obey. Unfortunately, it’s probably not an argument that would hold up in court, though.
According to
, Libras also tend to think and analyze things more, which means they often procrastinate. Perhaps that’s why so many Libras tend to drive with suspended licenses.
If you’re a Libra it means your birthday is coming up—don’t procrastinate and renew that license if you need to!

Libras and speeding tickets

Libras are also said to hate mess, chaos and disorder. This is interesting, considering the data show that Libras tend to be speedy drivers.
However, Libras also reportedly enjoy socializing and mingling, and have an ability to fit in just about anymore. They tend to be pleasing and diplomatic.
We wonder—could Libras be getting speeding tickets because they are often in a rush to get to an important social event?
If you’re a Libra, take a breath and slow down—you will get there!

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