What Is Joe Biden's Relationship to the Delaware Auto Industry?

Carlos Kirby
· 3 min read
When a new
is elected, it can be either a good thing or a bad thing for different industries. The auto industry was probably happy when Joe Biden was elected in November because he has earned a reputation as a "car guy" and has long been an ally to GM and Chrysler. His connections to the auto industry are particularly strong in Delaware, the state he represented in the Senate for more than 30 years.
In recent years, President Biden has become a strong advocate for ditching gas-powered cars and speeding up the adoption of
electric vehicles
in the country. That lines up with the direction that the major automakers are going in, and Biden's push should help continue that momentum.
Joe Biden changes his stance on fuel-efficient vehicles after becoming president.

"Car guy" Joe Biden an ally to the auto industry

writes about President Biden's connections to the auto industry. He became an ally of car companies because at one time, combined GM and Chrysler plants in the state made the auto industry Delaware's second biggest private employer.
There were several occasions when the former senator opposed legislation that would have increased federal fuel efficiency rules, as recently as the early 2000s.
Dan Becker, director of the Safe Climate Transportation Campaign at the Center for Biological Diversity, says Biden knew the car companies well. "They wanted a weak rule," so he did what he could to prevent the government from strengthening its fuel efficiency regulations.
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The President develops a major switch in his stance

Biden's stance on
gasoline-powered vehicles
changed in 2007, when he helped pass legislation that increased fuel economy targets. Not coincidentally, the auto industry in Delaware was already in decline by that point.
Biden has only increased his desire for making the auto industry more eco-friendly in the years since then. Biden's administration is looking to be even more aggressive in addressing emissions from motor vehicles through 2030.
That is the beginning of a five-year period when climate experts say the U.S. has to phase out gasoline-engine sales in order to meet mid-century greenhouse gas goals set by the administration.

Corvette is open to electric vehicles, giving Biden the best of both worlds

Biden is a Corvette guy—his prized possession is a 1967 Goodwood-green Corvette Stingray that gets 14 miles per gallon. That goes against his eco-friendly goals for the auto industry, but better things may be on the horizon. By the time he leaves office, Biden may get the best of both worlds with Corvette's high-performance cars getting better fuel efficiency.
Biden is an honorary member of the Corvette Club of Northern Delaware. According to Steve Blanchies, the club's president, rumors are swirling that Corvette plans to release an all-electric model. A teaser for a 2023 Z06 had the tagline "The streets will never sound the same," leading to speculation that the vehicle will be electric.

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