This Group Is the Most Likely to Switch Back to Gas Cars

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Jane Lu
Updated on Apr 27, 2022 · 3 min read
More and more people are interested in
electric vehicles
(EVs) because they are better for the environment and equipped with new technology. However, EVs are still not mainstream and can be costly to own, partly due to higher than average
car insurance
Fortunately, as they become increasingly popular, insurance companies are expected to offer even more discounts for green vehicles. But this won’t be enough to persuade everyone that an electric car is right for them. In fact, a recent study shows one out of five EV buyers switches back to gas cars because of a different problem.
Electric vehicles are widely accepted as the future of the auto industry | Twenty20

Who is most likely to switch back to gas cars?

As reported by
The Drive
, based on research from Nature Energy, young drivers are the most likely to switch back to gas cars.
Since they usually rent rather than own their homes, it’s very difficult to get fast charging installed. If you can’t charge your car at home, you have to rely on public charging stations, which aren’t available everywhere. And if you’re completely dependent on your personal vehicle for transportation, which is the case for many young Americans, not being able to charge your car is a huge problem.
Women are also more likely than men to switch back to gas cars, but the researchers did not have any evidence for why that’s the case.

Why is it hard to own an electric car?

The government has announced plans to improve public infrastructure for charging electric cars. Hopefully this will reduce anxiety around driving for long distances, but it won't solve all the concerns that consumers have.
As mentioned above, it’s hard for people who make less money to own an electric car. Not only is the base price of an EV more expensive, but
green cars can also be costly to insure

The future of electric cars

While this study may sound like bad news for the future of electric cars, The Drive does point out that EVs still only make up a small portion of the cars available on the market, and only 4,160 drivers were surveyed.
Besides, 18% of people switching back to gas cars might not be so bad. After all, it means 82% of EV drivers are happy with their purchase.
EVs are undeniably a work in progress so don’t count them out just yet. But for now, if you frequently travel short distances by car, rent your living space, and don’t have a lot of excess income, consider waiting before making an electric car purchase.
Reduced fuel costs on battery-powered cars and increased tax incentives should help bring down the cost of owning an EV in the future.

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