Gigantic Insect Responsible for Ohio Car Crash

Alex Healey
· 2 min read
In what is surely a first for his
car insurance
claims adjuster, a Cincinnati man has claimed a giant cicada flew through his open car window, hit him in the face, and caused him to swerve into a utility pole.
Cincinnati Police have confirmed that the driver is alright, but the vehicle sustained heavy front-end damage. There is no word on the status of the bug.
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Cicadas are wreaking havoc all over the country | Twenty20

Not your typical car crash

As reported by
Insurance Journal
, the motorist only sustained minor injuries following the collision.
While some drivers blame interference from insects (most commonly a bee or a wasp) to excuse reckless driving, the Cincinnati man’s story appears to add up. A witness who was behind the driver said he had been driving normally, until he suddenly swerved off the road and crashed into the pole.
Local police have said they are inclined to believe the man, as they have had issues with cicadas swarming their cruisers. The flying insects, part of Brood X, only emerge from the ground every 17 years, but are currently wreaking havoc across much of the Midwest and Mid-Atlantic.
While Cicadas are usually harmless, Cincinnati Police have advised drivers to keep their windows closed until the swarms subside in late June.
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The car insurance that covered the cicada attack

Police said the man was in good humor following the accident, which may suggest his vehicle has
collision insurance
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