Ford Is Giving Bronco Buyers a 'Customer Satisfaction' Gift

Carlos Kirby
· 3 min read
Since roaring back into the automotive scene, the revived
Bronco has wowed drivers with its power and
impressive visual style
. Unfortunately, the launch of the Bronco has not been perfect. Launching a new vehicle during the pandemic has led to production issues, and 2021 Bronco buyers who ordered in advance are having to wait.
According to
, in an effort to keep these early buyers happy while they wait for their Broncos, Ford is giving out Customer Satisfaction Funds. Ford is hoping that this can help prevent canceled orders as they wait for issues to be resolved with production.
Ford is giving back to customers who are waiting on the 2022 Bronco.

Why is the 2021 Ford Bronco delayed?

Unlike manufacturers like
, it doesn’t seem like the current chip shortages are the main reason for the delay.
The issue stems from the Bronco's hardtop roof. According to Ford, the roof is structurally sound and functional, but issues appear when the vehicle is in humid conditions. This can cause peeling and cracking in the hardtop roof.
As a result, Ford has decided to replace every hardtop roof that has been produced through August. The
Detroit News
reported that this issue impacts the 2021 Ford Broncos as well as new 2022 models.
Ford is working to make sure consumers have a more reliable final product. For those who ordered a Bronco early, though, these delays can be frustrating.
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Bronco Customer Satisfaction Funds

As a thank you to eager buyers, Ford is giving dealers "Bronco Customer Satisfaction Funds" of up to $1,000. Dealers can use this to buy Bronco customers gifts, branded merchandise, or even bourbon.
Sadly, this fund can’t be used towards vehicle discounts, but consumers can be offered free maintenance. This program will end on June 30, 2022.
Ford offers these gifts in recognition of the frustrations that consumers have had with delivery delays. No one wants to hear that something they've bought will be arriving late, and this is especially true when it’s a car. Ford would be left in a difficult situation if customers start canceling their orders when the vehicles are finally ready.

Other incentives offered by Ford

The Customer Satisfaction Funds offer is the most recent incentive program from Ford, but it isn't the only reward they've sent out. As the delays continued, Ford also delivered hammocks to those who reserved a Ford Bronco. This gift came with a letter asking buyers to be patient and "hang in there."
While Ford is giving these out because of the delays, most Ford incentive and rebate
programs have been canceled
for the time being. Customers were previously given rebates like Retail Customer Cash for buying a Ford. However, these are off the market right now due to the car shortage.
Whether the Customer Satisfaction Funds and other incentives are enough to justify waiting for a Bronco depends on the customer. Those who are waiting for their new Ford might not have to wait long, though. Ford seems to be on track to ship out replacement hardtop roofs from its suppliers factory.
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