Florida Insurance Agent Reveals Best Ways to Get Cheap Car Insurance

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Lisa Steuer McArdle
Updated on Jun 27, 2022 · 3 min read
Every driver wants to find
cheap car insurance
. There is a lot of information out there about how to
lower your premiums
, and it can get overwhelming and confusing. Thankfully, a
insurance agent named Victor Schlicht has outlined several cheap car insurance tips, according to
As the report states, insurance companies consider many factors when determining your insurance rates. Things such as what car you drive and how safely you drive can affect what you pay in insurance.
A Florida insurance agent named Victor Schlicht has outlined several cheap car insurance tips.

Cheap car insurance and what you drive

When you think of your
dream car
, you are probably thinking of things like how sleek it looks, how it can get over tough terrains or how fast it is. You may not be thinking about how much that particular model costs to insure. One of Victor Schlicht's tips is to look at the vehicle's safety rating.
This safety rating is the result of insurance companies collecting an array of data about different models of vehicles. Cars that are more frequently in accidents, have driver or passenger injuries or are targets of
result in higher rates. Cars that are considered safer have lower rates.
It isn't just about the model of car you drive, though— it is also about where you drive it. If you live and drive in an area with high rates of crashes and stolen vehicles, you can expect to pay more for insurance.

Safer driving means cheap car insurance

Your driving history can also result in paying less for insurance. If your record is free of accidents, you can expect cheaper rates, and the opposite is true if you have recently had a collision. This provides yet another reason to be as alert as possible while driving.
Even if your driving history has some less-than-stellar marks, you can still take advantage of cheaper insurance through safe driving right now. This is done through a process known as
. Using modern technology, telematics tracks data about your driving such as how fast you typically drive and how hard you brake.
Telematics can be done with a device you install in your vehicle or through apps on your phone. It can also be something to consider depending on how far you typically drive. If all or most of your driving is just in town, you will likely have a lower rate.

Your credit score can affect insurance

One of the more controversial factors used in determining insurance rates,
credit scores
are often involved. Paying bills on time and keeping credit card debt low can help improve credit scores. This can negatively impact younger drivers who have not yet had time to build credit as well as lower-income drivers in general.
Both a pro and a con to buying insurance is that several factors are used in determining rates. Even if you may have a few factors working against you in determining your car insurance rates, there may be other things working for you.
This is why comparison shopping can be so beneficial. By comparing the rates offered by different insurance companies, you can get the best value for your insurance. To make the most of comparison shopping, let
work for you.
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