Fan-Favorite Vehicles Are Coming Back to 'Rocket League'

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Jane Lu
Updated on Jun 27, 2022 · 3 min read
The evolution of technology is playing an ever-increasing role in the automotive industry. From the impact of
artificial intelligence on car insurance
to a new kind of
rideshare service powered by 5G
, every facet of the industry is being impacted.
Rocket League
is a multi-platform online game that combines space, race cars, and soccer in one of the most compelling gameplay experiences of the past ten years. Just last month, the game developers announced that they would bring back a wide swath of fan favorites in its Summer Road Trip event.
Kicking off the event with a heavily stylized Ford F-150, it serves as a prime example of the shift in how consumers relate to their favorite cars and how businesses market them.
Rocket League is a fast-paced game of soccer meets cars.

Lowering the barrier to entry for car ownership

Buying a car is typically an expensive endeavor, and it’s been even worse as the world faces
car shortages
. With companies offering fewer deals and big brands like Ford
increasing the prices
on almost all of their vehicles, buying your dream car is more difficult than ever.
However, games like Rocket League are making the experience of riding around in your favorite car more accessible. They boast fictional classics like the DeLorean from Back to the Future, but they also feature a variety of stylized versions of real, branded vehicles such as the aforementioned Ford F-150 and a Jurassic World-style Jeep Wrangler.

Marketing inside video games

The inclusion of these real-world models in games like Rocket League marks a change in how car brands are engaging with their potential customers.
Automakers are no longer bound to traditional advertisements, including commercials you mute, 15-second videos you skip, and full-page magazine ads you quickly turn past. Now you can choose car models as your player avatar.
This allows brands to build strong consumer relationships before they ever walk into a dealership. Not only that, but consumers may start to see specific cars as a part of their identity. From a marketing standpoint, making that happen is the golden goose.

Lamborghini as an eSports sponsor

Earlier this year, Lamborghini collaborated with Psyonix Studios to sponsor multiple eSports events within Rocket League.
The Championship Series X Lamborghini Open marks a sizeable foray into the eSports space for Lamborghini, and the car brand has also sponsored Battle of the Bulls. This partnership introduced the Lamborghini Huracán as a playable vehicle, further accentuating the brand's presence within the game and its players' hearts and minds.

Where is the auto industry headed?

As the generations that grew up with video games start to buy vehicles, the potential for video game advertising grows. Both consumers and companies can benefit from having real-world car models included in popular games that give you a sneak peek of what a car is like. Brand inclusion in games like Rocket League will become more important and more common as time goes on.
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