Drive-Thru Guide: How To Eat in Your Car

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Jane Lu
Updated on Jun 27, 2022 · 3 min read
restrictions are finally beginning to lift around the country and more places are open for business. Because of this, many people are loading up their vehicles and taking that long-awaited summer trip that they missed out on last year.
If you plan on taking a cross-country trip, there’s a good chance that you’ll have to eat in your car a few times before you reach your destination. While this is definitely a practical and convenient option, it could also be messy and even
Here are a few tips to follow if you plan on eating in your car during your next road trip, based on advice from
Car and Driver
A drive-thru is one of the road trippers’ best friends

Don't eat while driving

Everyone knows that texting while driving is extremely dangerous. Eating can also be extremely distracting. It diverts your eyes from the road and you have to take your hands off the wheel to eat.
Some fast-food restaurants will serve their food in convenient packaging to make it look easier to eat while driving. However, there’s no food or beverage that’s safe to eat or drink while driving. The
National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
estimates that you’re 39% more likely to be involved in a car accident if you’re eating from an open container while driving.
Some of the most dangerous foods to eat while driving include soups, powdered donuts, barbeque-covered foods, and hot coffee. If you plan on eating in your car, be sure to pull over first. Find a safe parking lot or rest area. This will not only help to keep you safe, but it’ll also prevent you from spilling food or drinks in your car.

Pick meals that aren’t messy

Your car provides a small dining space. Even if you drive a large vehicle, like an SUV or minivan, you’ll still have a cramped space to eat in. It’s a good idea to pick foods that are compact and don't require the use of utensils. For example, a box of chicken nuggets will be easier to eat in the car than a plate of spaghetti.
Spillage is pretty common when people eat in their car. Keep all food and drinks away from any electrical components inside your car. Also, consider ordering food without adding too many condiments so they won’t drip on you.
There are fun products like the
, to help you keep your clothes clean while eating.

How to get rid of weird smells in your car

In addition to keeping your car looking clean, you also want it to smell clean. As soon as you’re finished eating your meal, you should throw away all of the trash and any leftover food.
Meats and other foods that contain large amounts of seasoning, tend to have an odor that lingers for a while. If you get rid of all of the food items and keep your windows rolled down for a few minutes, the smell should fade away quicker.
If you spill any food, the odor will stick around much longer. There are several ways to remove odors from your car's interior if you spill any sauces or food. However, being extra careful to avoid any spills in the first place will save you from the hassle.
If you’re planning on getting out and going on a road trip, don't forget to make sure that your car insurance is up to date.
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